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The Maghrebs condemned the American aid to Tel Aviv

Thousands of Maghrebi citizens staged demonstrations in various cities of this country while condemning the attacks of the Zionist military on the Gaza Strip and demanded the reopening of the crossings to send humanitarian aid to the residents of this strip.
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According to Tasnim news agency On Tuesday evening of this week, thousands of Maghrebs protested and chanted slogans in the cities of Marrakesh (North), Tamazah (West) and Olad Taymeh (Center) and condemned the barbaric attacks of the Zionist Army on the Gaza Strip and the American military support to the Israeli regime.

The participants in this demonstration called the liberation of Palestine inevitable in their slogans and shouted “The massacre of Palestinians is with American weapons”

According to the Anatolian news agency, in this demonstration, Maghrebi citizens demanded an end to the process of normalizing relations between the government of Rabat and the Zionist regime.

With the mediation of the United States, Morocco signed an agreement to normalize relations with the Zionist regime in December 2020, which faced widespread opposition from the people and political parties of this country, but the government of Rabat did not pay attention to these protests. And he took steps in the direction of strengthening relations with Tel Aviv.

Since the Zionist army attacked the Gaza Strip, the people of Morocco have been protesting every week in different cities of this The country is demonstrating in support of the Palestinian nation and calling for an end to the war in Gaza, an end to the siege of this strip, and the sending of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Maghrebi citizens condemned the crime committed by the Zionist army in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza city last Monday evening by holding demonstrations in the cities of Rabat (the capital), Tangier (north) and Anzakan (west).

Moghrebi demonstrations in 60 cities on the first Friday of Ramadan

Participants in this demonstration carrying Palestinian flags chanted “The crime of al-Shifa Hospital is a disgrace”, “Stop the killing of Palestinians” and “Shame on the siege of Gaza”

Government Media Office in Gaza on Monday of this week, referring to the withdrawal of Zionist soldiers from al-Shifa hospital complex and its surroundings after two weeks of siege, announced: the Zionist army killed 400 civilians and killed 400 civilians. They were buried on the floor of the Al-Shifa hospital complex and its surroundings, while 300 Palestinians have been arrested and there is no information about the fate of more than 100 people.

Palestinian sources announced: the occupying forces tied the hands and feet of a number of Palestinians in al-Shafa Hospital and executed them in the field.

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