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The support of the majority of the British by stopping the export of weapons to Israel

Most of the British people want to stop arms exports to the child-killing Israeli regime.

The killing of 3 British aid workers in Israel’s recent atrocity in targeting a vehicle carrying foreign aid workers that left seven dead has increased pressure on London to stop arms exports to Tel Aviv. New polls show that the majority of British people also agree with this approach.

According to Al Jazeera, the latest polls conducted among British people show that 56% of the people of this country are in favor of banning arms exports to Israel due to the Gaza war.

This survey showed that 59% of British people believe that the Israeli regime has violated human rights in the Gaza war.

Among the two main British parties, 71% of the Labor Party respondents were in favor of banning the export of weapons to Israel, and on the other hand, only 38% of the Conservative Party supporters (the British ruling party) were in favor of stopping the export of weapons to Tel Aviv. supported

Although this survey was conducted before the British aid workers were killed in Gaza, it clearly shows that the majority of people in this country are against the war in Gaza.

For the first time since the start of the Gaza war, the British government has started criticizing this war and Israel’s actions in the past few days. British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak in his conversation with Netanyahu called the situation in Gaza intolerable.

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