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Cyber ​​attack on the National Insurance website of the Zionist regime

After attacking the system of the Zionist Insurance Organization, a hacker group has obtained the identity information of eight million Zionists.

News sources reported on Thursday morning that the website of the National Insurance of the Zionist regime was the target of a cyber attack and was hacked.

Zionist sources announced the cyber attack of the hacker group known as Changal Shahin on the system of the National Insurance Organization of the Zionist regime, as a result of which the hackers obtained the identity details of eight million Zionists.

According to this report, hackers released a 2-minute video of hacking this website.

With the start of Al-Aqsa storm operation on October 15th, cyber attacks on the infrastructure of the Zionist regime have also increased.

Not long ago, hackers attacked the website of the Zionist news network “Walla” and made it unavailable.

The main infrastructures of the Zionist regime have witnessed continuous cyber attacks during the past few months.

During this period, from the military, security and urban sites of the Zionist regime to the large data hosting companies of this regime, they have been targeted by cyber attacks.

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