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Exposing the brutal tortures of the occupiers against Palestinian detainees

An Israeli doctor has revealed in a report the brutal torture that the Zionist military inflicts on Palestinian detainees from Gaza, saying that many of them have had their hands and feet amputated as a result of wounds caused by long-term confinement.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz today Thursday in a report quoting a The Israeli doctor revealed the brutal crimes committed by this regime against the Palestinian prisoners from Gaza. In this report, he announced that only in the last two weeks, 2 of the detainees lost their legs and their legs were amputated due to the injuries caused by the chains that were constantly on their legs. Unfortunately, these events that happen to Palestinian prisoners have become a normal thing.

He also said about the feeding of these Palestinian prisoners that even inside the field hospital, the way of distributing food to the Palestinian prisoners is very insulting. . These people cannot even use the toilets and are insulted in an inhuman way and forced to dirty their clothes. They can be contrary to health, medical and legal principles. The activities of this hospital have nothing to do with the normal activities of the departments related to health and hygiene, and the people here do not regularly receive medicine and medical facilities. Their cages are constantly closed and the way they are fed is extremely abusive, and healthy and young people lose a significant amount of weight after about a week of their detention. The Israeli army forces in the field hospital have closed the hands, feet and eyes of the Palestinian detainees at all hours of the day and night. According to this report, more than half of the Palestinian detainees who were taken to this hospital are due to injuries. Severe injuries caused by handcuffs and bindings that have been on their hands and feet for a long time require multiple surgeries. For example, one of these people lost his hand because his hands were tied with plastic handcuffs for a long time, and this is despite the fact that no research was done in this field.

Atrocious conditions of Palestinian prisoners according to Hebrew media
The Zionist official called for the alleged Palestinian prisoners to be buried alive

In this report published by Haaretz newspaper, it is stated that These detainees are in poor physical condition and their wounds are getting worse due to prison conditions and lack of hygiene. Also, due to the lack of health facilities, many of them have contracted chronic diseases, and there are cases of long-term seizures among many detainees. This is despite the fact that no services are provided to them in the hospital.

Before this, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch in a report on the available information about the brutal behavior of the Zionists with the Palestinian detainees in Gaza, including women and Children and assault on their human dignity, which is very shocking.

The European-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch emphasized that most of these Palestinian detainees are in the “Sadiyeh Timan” camp of the Israeli army, located between the cities of Be’er al-Sabah and are kept in Gaza. This camp has actually become the Guantanamo prison where there is no respect for human dignity and the Israelis apply the most brutal tortures against the Palestinians. There is also information about the death of 2 Palestinian detainees in this camp, one of whose legs was amputated, but Israel has not officially announced their death.

This report shows that these Palestinian detainees are in a terrible condition. and insultingly kept inside a tight cage similar to an animal cage; While their hands and feet are shackled. Yoav Gallant, the war minister of the occupying regime, said in this context that we treat the Palestinians of Gaza like “animals”!

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