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Hebrew Media: Despite America’s efforts, everything is in Sanwar’s hands

A Hebrew-language media reported that Washington's current efforts to save Israel from failure, but the final decision of the situation is in Sanwar's hands.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency, Yediot Aharanot newspaper wrote: The United States is the center of gravity of all activities has used himself to save his strategic ally from the Gaza swamp. President Joe Baid’s government has focused all its efforts on rescuing its strategic ally Israel from the quagmire in Gaza, especially since Tel Aviv has not achieved any of its goals.

Itmar Eichner, the political affairs reporter of Yediot Aharanot newspaper, wrote in this regard: America has put a plan of four points in its agenda to realize this.

The first clause is the signing of the prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel. In this context, Washington has asked Egypt and Qatar to put pressure to the point of threatening Hamas. so that the positions of this movement can be softened regarding the terms of the exchange of prisoners. Palestinian resistance groups.

The third paragraph focuses on the importance of reaching a normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

And the fourth and last paragraph of this plan also seeks to find a diplomatic solution to the dispute between Israel and Hezbollah and put an end to the conflict between the two that has been going on since October 7 It continues to this day.

White House: Awaiting Senwar’s response to the new ceasefire proposal We are

Informed Israeli sources informed this Hebrew media that the American government is making a strong effort to make this happen, but According to the well-informed security sources in Tel Aviv, although they respect the actions and pressures of the United States, they believe that only the opinion of Yahya al-Sanwar, the leader of the Hamas movement in Gaza, was the way forward regarding the prisoner exchange agreement, and he has not yet made a decision to accept this proposal.

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