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Holding a meeting to explain Imam Khamenei’s letter to American youth in Lebanon

A meeting to explain Imam Khamenei's letter to America's youth was held in Al Nabatiya city with the presence of political and cultural elites and Lebanese students.

report Mehr News Agency, according to Al-Ahed news site, student groups and cultural centers in Al-Ghubiri area of ​​Beirut organized a conference entitled “World Document of Resistance” and reviewed Imam Khamenei’s letter to university youth in America. .

The meeting started with the reading of Imam Khamenei’s letter and then Sheikh Hossein Zainuddin and Mohammad Hassan Sweidan, experts in international relations, presented their views on psychological, cultural, human and natural dimensions. This letter is political. The said meeting was held with the participation of Kamil Bagherzadeh, Cultural Advisor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Maan Al-Khalil, Mayor of Al-Ghabiri, and with the presence of journalists, cultural activists and university students.

Sheikh Zainuddin emphasized in this meeting that Imam Khamenei believes that the light that guides people to the right path is gradually increasing. He expressed that this letter was a step forward and showed that Hazrat Agha listened to the students’ cries and knows the environmental conditions of the audience of this letter very well, and its literature was prepared completely in accordance with the literature of American students.

Sheikh Zain al-Din expressed in these words that the responsibility of the Arab resistance is to act as a mediator in conveying the contents of this letter to the world.

Sweidan also emphasized during the ceremony that the war in Ukraine showed the American students that there is a fundamental difference between the materials published by the media of this country and the existing realities. has it. He continued that in the continuation of the Gaza war, this obvious truth about the scandalous lies and propaganda and media hypocrisy in America became more clear.

He pointed to the effects of Imam Khamenei’s letter among the political elites of the West and emphasized that all the official efforts of the West to prevent the spread of this message among the American youth have failed. has been done, because the timing of the publication of this letter did not leave any doubt for anyone to doubt its validity and correctness.

Suvidan pointed to the use of the term resistance in this letter and emphasized that this action is aimed at countering the West’s attempt to tarnish this term and equate it with terrorism. It happened, so Imam Khamenei announced to the American students that the resistance that the American media and the politicians of this country are trying to destroy is what you are doing now and we started it a few years ago.


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