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The diplomatic mission of the Zionist regime in Maghreb was also closed

The series of closures of Israeli diplomatic centers has reached the Maghreb, while the employees of many Israeli embassies have been ordered not to come to work for the time being.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency, the Hebrew media announced, Israel following the closure of the headquarters The diplomatic mission itself is in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

Yediot Aharanot announced this news and added: The decision to close the headquarters of the diplomatic mission temporarily and due to There is concern about threats from Iran, which emphasized that it will respond to last week’s attack on its embassy in Damascus.

According to this Hebrew media, Until today, Israel has closed its 7 embassies, including its representation in Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Maghreb, Ankara, Istanbul and Turkmenistan, out of fear of this reaction.

In addition, full alert has been declared in all Israeli embassies around the world.

Maariv newspaper also confirmed this The news reported that the employees of some Israeli embassies have been asked not to come to their workplaces until further notice.

Reaction of the representative of the European Parliament to the attack on the diplomatic headquarters of Iran

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