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Zionist General: Complete victory in Gaza is an illusion

Ishaq Brik, the reserve general of the occupying army, said in a TV program that Israel has no possibility of an absolute and complete victory in Gaza, and that the Tel Aviv authorities are lying about this.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Ishaq Brik, the reserve general of the Zionist army, told Channel 7 this The regime said that Tel Aviv authorities lied to the Zionist community by promising a complete victory in Gaza. This is an illusion, and [the Israeli authorities] are deceiving the people with this statement.

Ishaq Brik stated that the military and political structure of Hamas is still standing in Gaza; He added: “Hamas is still in control of the government, the tunnels are still under their control. After that terrible tragedy [October 7th attack], the authorities continue to lie to the people”. the front enters the war; Even on one front, it is not able and cannot succeed in eliminating Hamas.” Isaac Brik also said: “The complete destruction of Hamas is undoubtedly the biggest lie since the establishment of Israel! Thousands of rockets are fired at Israel every day. We cannot overcome such conditions”.

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