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Apache helicopters shooting at Palestinian refugees

The relentless ground and air attacks of the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip and the reaction of the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations to a crime in the Nusirat camp are among the latest news related to Palestine.

Mehr News, International Group: During the morning of this day, as in the past eight months, the Zionist military targeted the oppressed residents of the Gaza Strip with their barbaric attacks as much as they could from the ground and air.

Ground bombings and artillery attacks against the residential areas of Gaza

Al-Mayadeen network reporter reported that the Zionist regime’s fighters bombed residential houses in the Shaburah camp located in the center of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

During the bombardment of a residential house next to a school that had become a shelter for Palestinian refugees in al-Darj neighborhood located in the center of the Gaza Strip, several people were martyred or They were injured.

In addition to aerial bombardment of Palestinian homes throughout the Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime’s artillery also bombarded the center and west of Rafah city.

تیراندازی بالگردهای آپاچی به سمت آوارگان فلسطینی

These artillery attacks took place at the same time as the sound of heavy fighting was heard in the Khirba al-Adas area, located in the northeast of Rafah city.

The eastern areas of the city of Deir al-Balah, located in the center of the Gaza Strip, also witnessed these artillery attacks by the Zionist regime in the past hours.

Besides these attacks, the Apache helicopters of the Zionist regime opened fire against the residents east of Al-Brij camp in the center of the Gaza Strip and targeted them.

The liberation of Zionist prisoners was done with the help of America

In the meantime, the release of four Zionist prisoners by the occupying forces by committing a massive crime in the Nusirat camp has caused many debates and controversies.

In this regard, the Zionist media admitted that America provided a lot of intelligence assistance to the Zionist military to free these Israeli prisoners.

The American Axios website also wrote in this regard: The group of American prisoners based in Israel helped to carry out this operation.

This website further emphasized: More than a month was planned for this operation.

The other day, Abu Obeidah, the spokesman of the Qassam Battalions (the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas) in a statement disclosed the facts regarding the release of 4 Zionist prisoners by the regime army. Zionist revealed the crime of “Al-Nusirat” camp.

Abu Obeidah announced: What the Zionist enemy carried out today in the “Nusirat” area in the center of the Gaza Strip is a combined war crime, and the first person to suffer from it He saw that they were its prisoners.

The spokesman of the Qassam battalions emphasized: the enemy was able to release some of his prisoners by committing terrible crimes, but at the same time, he released another number of them in the process. This operation killed.

تیراندازی بالگردهای آپاچی به سمت آوارگان فلسطینی

Griffiths: Nusirat camp is the center of disaster

At the same time, Martin Griffiths, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, reacted to the situation in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Al-Mayadeen network, Griffiths clarified in his words: the killing scenes in the Nusirat camp prove that the intensity of this war is increasing.

He further added: Al-Nusirat camp is the center of the tragedy that the Gaza Strip is facing.

Armed clashes in the Zionist attack on the West Bank

On the other hand, Zionist soldiers brutally attacked various cities of the West Bank like in the past days.

According to Al-Mayadeen network, Zionist forces attacked the city of Hebron in the West Bank this morning and arrested a number of Palestinian youths.

Also, the occurrence of armed clashes between the resistance forces and the Zionist occupiers around the Balata camp, located in the east of Nablus, has been reported.

During the attack of the Zionist soldiers on this camp, the resistance forces tried to stop them from advancing by shooting and throwing grenades.


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