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The request of the representative of the American Congress to stop the export of arms to Israel

The Democratic representative of the US Congress demanded an immediate stop to arms shipments to Israel.

report Mehr News Agency, citing the Palestinian Information Center, the Democratic representative of the US Congress demanded an immediate stop to arms shipments to Israel.

This Democratic representative of the US House of Representatives asked the Biden government to immediately stop transferring weapons to Israel. slow.

Becca Balint stated that if hunger continues and aid is prevented from entering Gaza, There is no justification for transferring weapons to Israel.

On the other hand, in Europe, Ireland seeks to recognize the state of Palestine.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland announced that he will present an official plan to the government to recognize the state of Palestine.

In the meantime, hours ago, Israeli fighters in their latest crime against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip destroyed a house in the camp Al-Nusirat bombed in the center of this barricade.

The Al Jazeera reporter announced that 14 Palestinians were martyred and several others were injured in this crime, which was committed hours before Eid al-Fitr.

Most of the martyrs are women and children.

On the other hand, Hamas demanded the trial of the leaders of the occupying regime for crimes against civilians in Gaza.

In a statement, the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement emphasized that in the continuation of the search to find the bodies of the martyrs in Shafa hospital after the withdrawal of the Zionist occupying forces, the wider dimensions of the crimes of the occupiers in This hospital is revealed. In addition to destroying and setting fire to parts of this hospital and taking it out of service completely, the rescue teams found the bodies of hundreds of martyrs in this hospital and its surrounding areas, which the Israeli occupation had buried under the rubble in order to complete their crime against this hospital. Hide the hospital and patients, refugees and medical staff inside it.

Hamas added that the Zionist enemy violated all international laws and treaties that require the protection of civilians and hospitals, and made these hospitals a legitimate target for the defeated army. He stated that these crimes are carried out with the aim of displacing the Palestinians by destroying all the components of life in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas emphasized that these unprecedented crimes were carried out by targeting hospitals and medical and treatment centers in the utmost brutality and committing the most heinous crimes inside them and turning them into cemeteries. The mass in which hundreds of martyred civilians were buried demands that the international community and its various institutions take serious action and prosecute the fascist leaders of the enemy for their crimes and aggressions.

At the same time, Zionist TV Channel 12 announced that the mayor of Haifa demanded the provision of landlines and storage Medicines and food are not available due to the fear of war in the northern borders.

The said source pointed out that the mayor of Haifa also called for the preparation of shelters and providing conditions for the evacuation of residents. If there is a war, it has happened.

Also «Haim Lionson”, the Israeli journalist and analyst wrote in an article in the Hebrew language newspaper Haaretz: It should not be said, but the truth is that we suffered a disgraceful defeat.

Levenson stated that we lost the war and this is the opinion of every settler and of course It is mentally difficult to admit this failure.

He said that there is a very clear reality in front of us and we must understand it and learn from it.


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