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Biden claimed: I do not agree with Netanyahu’s approach

In an interview, the American president once again took the role of a critic of the Zionist regime and said that he wants a ceasefire in Gaza and the immediate arrival of aid to the residents of this area.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, US President Joe Biden in an interview with a television channel Contrary to Washington’s policies, Univision criticized Benjamin Netanyahu and the occupation army’s actions in Gaza.

In response to a question about Netanyahu’s handling of the war, he said: “I think what he did It is wrong. I do not agree with his approach.” Joe Biden added: “I ask the Israelis to allow all food and medicine to enter Gaza, there is no excuse for not providing the medical and food needs of the residents of Gaza. And it is necessary for this work to be done now”. He added: “Attack on aid convoys is a heinous act, human conditions are totally unacceptable”. It has exported 2000 bombs to the Israeli regime, half of which weigh 500 pounds (more than 200 kilograms). ” class=”clearfix”/>


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