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America’s warning to its diplomats in the Israeli regime

America has warned its diplomats in the Israeli regime not to travel as much as possible.

report Mehr News Agency, citing al-Mayadin, America warned its diplomats in the Israel regime to limit their visits. do.

US Embassy in Tel Aviv has announced in a statement that employees and family members of diplomats should not be outside the Tel areas until further notice. justify”>Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba move.

Based on this statement, the US State Department has asked American diplomats to leave as much as possible. and avoid unnecessary visits.

It seems that this American warning follows the rise of tensions between Tel Avio and Tehran.

After the Zionist attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and the martyrdom of a group of Iranian forces, the authorities in Tehran insist on a regretful response to the Zionist regime, and this issue causes It has become a widespread concern of the Zionists and their American allies.

The other day, Al-Arabiya TV, in a report about the extensive movements of the United States in the midst of a possible attack by Iran on The Zionist regime had announced. Al-Arabiya reported in this connection: “General Mack Korla is expected to be the commander of the US Central Command. Travel to Tel Avio to coordinate any possible attack by Tehran or its representatives.

This Saudi media also announced that Brett Mac Gork, the American envoy in the Middle East, has held consultations with Arab countries. A well-informed source who asked not to be named said: Mak Gorek contacted the foreign ministers of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq and asked them to send a message. send to Iran urging this country to reduce tension with Israel.

The mentioned source disclosed: The American envoy has asked the officials of these countries to communicate with the Iranian Foreign Minister to convey a message with the following terms: “His country should calm down the situation with Israel.” “, call.

On Wednesday, ” Yoaf Gallant, Minister of War of the Zionist regime, like other officials of this The regime had been talking about Iran and claimed: Our enemies do not know what surprises we have prepared for them. Anyone who wants to attack us will face our defense barrier and will see a strong reaction inside their lands.

On Wednesday morning, Israel Katz, the foreign minister of the Zionist regime, repeated his claims against Iran. It was said: If Iran attacks Israel from its territory, Israel will respond in Iran. Israel cannot tolerate such attacks.

Israel Katz After this, he also claimed: Israel is not afraid of Iran’s reaction due to the attack on its consulate in Damascus. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, but Iran has announced that it will react against us. This threat does not scare us. We are not looking for war with Iran, but if we are attacked, we will react.

He further claimed: Israel has so far been limited to firing rockets by Hezbollah and Houthi has reacted. However, if missile launchers are fired from the Lebanese side in response to the Damascus attack, Israel will send its fighters and soldiers.

previous Media Times off The Zionist regime, quoting the military officials of this regime, speculated about the timing of Iran’s reaction and announced: Our estimate is that Iran’s reaction will be after the Eid al-Fitr holiday. We estimate that Iran will target military and strategic targets and not civilian and civilian places. Times off The Zionist regime also reported: We estimate that Iran will target military and strategic targets and not civilian and civilian places.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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