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Monologue | The cost of the displacement of 200 thousand Zionists is on the shoulders of Netanyahu’s cabinet

"Ali Matar", a Lebanese expert, referring to the damages caused to the Zionist regime in the battle with Hezbollah, emphasized that the evacuation of more than 45 Zionist settlements and the displacement of 200,000 settlers imposed a back-breaking cost on Netanyahu's cabinet.
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim news agency, “Ali Matar”, expert In an analytical video, Lebanoni pointed out that since October 8th Hezbollah has been able to divert part of the military power of the Zionist regime from Gaza and is directing it towards the northern borders. It was the Gaza Strip and the prevention of Israeli attacks (to Lebanon). In fact, the Israelis have always sought to invade Lebanon and at any moment it was possible to make Lebanon the target of their attacks.


Ali Matar went on to state that the Zionist enemy lacks the ability to limit Hezbollah’s presence at the borders, and clarified: The Zionist regime has suffered major losses so far, the most important of which is the displacement and evacuation of more than It is from 45 towns. The obtained statistics show that more than 200 thousand Israeli settlers have been displaced from their city, and this issue is a heavy burden on the shoulders of the Zionist army.

This Lebanese expert added: For this reason, we always see that Israel tries to confront this front and sometimes militarily, sometimes by expanding the scope of conflicts, sometimes by threatening or indirectly sending its representatives, including Amos Heckstein, the special representative of the American president, from them. He wants them to realize their wishes. Referring to the French effort to solve the issue of drawing the borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, he stated that they are looking for the separation of the southern front of Lebanon from this path. The Gaza front and the removal of Hezbollah from the northern border areas of the occupied territories.

Ali Matar further stated about the British plan to establish watch and control towers on the border of Lebanon: According to the reports received, the latest proposals are that the British build military watch towers inside the borders of Lebanon. implement so that, while deploying Lebanese army forces in these border areas, a new opportunity to spy on Hezbollah is provided in order to prevent the presence of resistance forces in this region and also to create a conflict between Hezbollah and the Lebanese army.


Settlers in the occupied northern Palestine started their revolt
Settlers in northern occupied Palestine threaten to revolt

Hebrew media report on the miserable situation of Israeli settlers

He continued: The British proposal was rejected by the Lebanese authorities, but it seems that America insists on the implementation of this plan; Washington wants to build these towers, and this is one of the security requirements that can happen, but this proposal will not be implemented, because Lebanon will not accept any attempt to spy on the resistance or incite a conflict between the resistance and the Lebanese army. .

This Lebanese expert stated in the final part of his speech: This plan, like other plans and security measures designed for the southern front of Lebanon, will fail and the resistance is still present in the region. and fights The resistance forces support Gaza and leave the Israeli enemy behind; Because, as in the past, the Zionist regime can attack Lebanon at any moment.

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