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Nasrallah’s equation and the destruction of Israel’s calculations in the north and Gaza

During the past weeks, by entering an advanced phase of anti-occupation operations, Hizbollah has exposed its power in the intelligence level to the enemy, and the equation that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah drew by emphasizing continuous support for Gaza, messed up the calculations of the Zionists on all fronts.
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according to the international group Tasnim news agency, during two Last month and especially in recent weeks, the South Lebanon Front increased its operations against the Zionist enemy at an unprecedented speed and level, which represents an important turning point in the current confrontation with the occupying regime.

Hezbollah’s intelligence superiority in the confrontation with the occupiers

In this phase of the confrontation with the occupiers, Hezbollah uses relatively different tactics and war tools applied and by double activation of its information weapon in the field of collecting and scanning information, it has reached very advanced levels, which allows it to carry out its operations at a quantitative and qualitative level much more accurately than before; Both the operations that are announced and the operations that are not announced.

In the same context, yesterday the fighters of the Islamic resistance of Lebanon in a different operation after continuously monitoring the movement of the Zionist regime’s spy balloons that The occupiers had sent it to Lebanon for the purpose of spying, they identified the base where this balloon was located, which was actually its control center, and targeted it with a missile weapon, as a result of which the balloon fell and the Zionists who were guiding the balloon were killed or injured.

After that, the Zionist media reported that the Israeli army balloon was shot down and landed on Lebanese soil.

Nasrallah’s equation and the destruction of Israel’s calculations in the north and Gaza

In this situation, Hezbollah, as the first front supporting Gaza in the axis of resistance, has thwarted the movements of all the western and American parties who seek to save the Zionists in the north of occupied Palestine and stop the operations of the Lebanese resistance, and has taken its decisive position based on He has declared that there is no discussion about calming down the southern Lebanese front before a complete ceasefire in Gaza; The same thing that Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, pointed out and emphasized in his recent speech, that the southern Lebanon front is completely connected with the Gaza front, and the Zionist settlers should go and ask their cabinet to stop the aggression against Gaza.

These words of the Secretary General of Hezbollah confirm all the bets of the Zionist authorities, including the Prime Minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, that “the United States and the West can calm down the southern front of Lebanon and after that “Israel will continue the war in Gaza with a more relaxed imagination” and now the Zionists have to reconsider their calculations both in the northern front of the occupied Palestine and in the Gaza front.

Seyed Hassan Nasrallah and other Hezbollah officials also drew a clear equation for the occupying regime, based on which the Lebanese resistance will never surrender to Western and American pressures as well as the Zionists’ absurd threats. Therefore, the Israelis have well understood that Hezbollah is fully prepared to expand the war, and if they decide to take a stupid action against Lebanon while they are still walking in the Gaza swamp, the consequences of this action will be very devastating for Israel.

Zionists’ fear of Hezbollah’s new surprises

estimates of Zionist circles show that any size If Israel insists on continuing and intensifying its attacks on Gaza, at the same time, the situation on the northern front will become more tense, and Hezbollah will continue its operations at a rapid pace, and the possibility of unveiling new and surprising weapons of this party in the next operations is far from expected. It is not.

The military reporter of the Zionist Army Radio, in response to Hezbollah’s recent operations, said: “Hezbollah has increased its rate of fire over the past weeks and launched more deadly and high-quality attacks against The Israeli army has done it on a wider scale; So that a quarter of the deaths of the Israeli army in the northern front are related to the last month, while the number of casualties of the Hezbollah forces has decreased a lot in the last month.

Also, the reporter of the Zionist TV channel 14 in the northern front of the occupied Palestine reported: The battle that the Israeli army has been fighting on the northern border for 7 months was not successful at all, because last week Hezbollah launched its operations has done more precisely and on a larger scale.

Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv, in response to Hezbollah’s advanced operations in shooting down Israeli spy balloons, announced that the shooting down of the Israeli army balloons in the framework It is the continuation of Hezbollah’s efforts to destroy Israel’s spying equipment, as well as the continuation of the escalation of tensions that Hezbollah has been following in recent days.

On the other hand, the Zionist media reported that Israel in Now a real tragedy is happening on the northern front, and for the first time a right-wing Israeli cabinet has abandoned two areas, an internal security belt in the north and an internal security belt in the south.

“Defna Lail”, the political reporter of Channel 12 of the Zionist regime, asked Netanyahu’s cabinet to change their priorities and pay attention to the northern front; Because if they don’t address this front, the situation will quickly go backwards and this will be very disastrous for Israel.

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