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The firing of two anti-armor missiles from Lebanon towards Al-Jalil/ the concern of the former head of Mossad

Hebrew sources reported the firing of two anti-armor missiles from the border points of Lebanon towards the northern areas of the occupied territories.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al Jazeera, the Zionist regime’s national radio announced that two anti-armor missiles were fired from southern Lebanon towards al-Manara area in the Upper Galilee, located in the north of occupied Palestine.

In the meantime, in recent days, Zionist circles have warned about the serious danger of an all-out war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, referring to the escalation of conflicts in the northern front.

In this regard, the former head of Mossad described the war with Hezbollah as a threat to Israel. Haim Tomer, the former head of Mossad, emphasized in this regard: Hezbollah has missiles that can paralyze Israel, including Ben-Gurion and Haifa airports, for weeks, and our army has no response to their threats. According to him, the war with Hezbollah will be a threat to the opinion and attitude of Zionism.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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