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Libyan students support the residents of Gaza

The students of Tripoli University gathered in the campus of the Faculty of Sharia Sciences (Theology) in support of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency

, the gathering of students of Tripoli University was held on Tuesday of this week under the title of “Supporting the residents of Gaza” in the premises of the Faculty of Sharia Sciences of this university, and the participants wore Palestinian turbans (a symbol of resistance) on their heads and shoulders.

In the 7 months that have passed since the attack of the Zionist army on the Gaza Strip, more than 114 Palestinians have been martyred and injured, most of whom are women and children. The siege of Gaza has caused its residents to be deprived of access to drinking water, food and medicine, and this deprivation has led to the death of a number of Palestinian children and elderly people.

According to Anatolia news agency, the Libyan students in their gathering had placards in their hands that read “The death of Israel and the life of Palestine in Al-Aqsa storm”, “Hamas glorified the nation”, “Al-Aqsa Mosque is worried May God be with us”. On the sidelines of this gathering, one of the students said: The Zionist regime should be subjected to all-round sanctions and this is one of the methods of supporting the residents of the Gaza Strip. hold demonstrations and protest gatherings.

The students, faculty members and staff of the University of Tripoli held a demonstration last week in support of the people of Gaza. and condemned the attacks of the Zionist army to this line.

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