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Germany’s position on the war with Russia is to try to please America

The spokesman of the Russian President's office (Kremlin) revealed in a speech today: Germany's position on preparing for war with Russia is related to the effort to gain the satisfaction of the United States and NATO.

According to Mehr News Agency According to the Rianost news agency, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian Presidential Office (Kremlin) in a statement this Sunday announced: German officials’ statements about preparations for war with Russia are related to the need to gain the consent of Brussels, Washington and NATO.

The spokesperson of the Russian presidential office continued in this regard: The reason for this issue is that since the end of the Second World War, Berlin has been facing its own governance problems, and therefore to save itself from this It also raises the problems of such issues.

Macron said in this connection: In the upcoming joint meeting of the Defense and Security Council of the two countries, we will discuss more aid to Ukraine until the end of the war, arms, support, training. And we will also discuss the preparation for any scenario to create a lasting peace, in other words, a peace based on respect for international laws. Today, being on the side of peace means giving power to the law. Peace is not surrender. Peace is not a rejection of the principle of purpose.


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