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Hamas: We will not lay down our arms until the complete liberation of Palestine

The representative of Hamas in Lebanon stated that Netanyahu brought all ceasefire and prisoner exchange negotiations to a dead end in line with his personal interests and emphasized that the administration of Gaza is a completely Palestinian issue and the resistance will not lay down its arms until the complete liberation of Palestine from the occupiers.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim News Agency, “Ahmed Abdul Hadi, the representative of the Palestinian Hamas movement in Lebanon, during a speech about the Gaza ceasefire negotiations that were held in Cairo and reached a dead end due to the Israeli regime’s continued aggression, announced that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, rejects all the proposals presented in the negotiations. Because he knows that the ceasefire agreement means the end of his political future.

Abd al-Hadi, in a conversation with Sputnik, pointed to the aggression of the Zionist regime in Rafah and emphasized: the aggression of the occupiers in Rafah After that, the Hamas movement approved the cease-fire agreement proposal presented by the mediators, and it was reported to us that the United States also agreed with this proposal and would pressure Israel to agree to it. However, the attack on Rafah started and Netanyahu plans to use the card of attacking Rafah to improve his conditions and put pressure on the resistance.

He pointed out that The attack on Rafah is within the framework of the Zionist regime’s plan to displace the Palestinian people in Gaza, he said: the occupiers failed to achieve their goals through the genocidal war against Gaza and failed to break the Palestinian resistance by attacking Rafah following the implementation of the conspiracy plan. They are the result of the displacement of the Palestinian people.

This Hamas official stated: Zionists in their invasion of Rafah are also seeking to achieve an image of victory and by occupying the Rafah crossing and preventing They want to put pressure on the people and the Palestinian resistance from the arrival of aid to Gaza.

The representative of Hamas in Lebanon said about the US government’s position regarding the Zionist regime’s attack on Rafah: The US is dealing with this issue with extreme caution, especially regarding the temporary port in the Gaza Strip that the US claims it is building to allow aid to enter Gaza. But Hamas has repeatedly emphasized that it will deal with any force that enters Gaza under any guise as an occupying party, and we reject the existence of any port in Gaza that is not in harmony with the Palestinian resistance.

Ahmad Abdul Hadi clarified: The issue of the administration of Gaza is a completely Palestinian issue and has nothing to do with foreigners. In the talks we had with the Fatah movement in Beijing and Moscow, we agreed on several points, especially about the post-war process and the need to unite the Palestinians and cooperate in confronting the occupiers and start constructive talks and prepare for the elections of the Legislative and Presidential Councils and create A national program about the Palestine Liberation Organization. We hope that the issues that we have already agreed on will be implemented at the meeting of the secretaries-general that will be held on June 14 in China.

He emphasized: Hamas movement It is completely against the Oslo Treaty and its provisions, and this opposition has shown itself in different periods, and the resistance fighters will never lay down their weapons; Unless all the Palestinian lands are freed from the invaders and after that the Palestinian army will be formed. He declared: Until Israel adheres to a complete ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, it is meaningless to conclude any agreement. As long as the occupying regime does not accept the conditions of the resistance, the most important of which is the cessation of aggression against Gaza and the provision of necessary conditions to improve the lives of the Palestinian people in this region, the Zionist prisoners will remain with the resistance and will not see the light of day.

This Hamas official emphasized that the release of Palestinian prisoners is also part of the conditions of the resistance and that these prisoners should be released according to the standards specified by the resistance, and said: The occupying regime prevents reaching an agreement and the whole world saw it. How the resistance accepted the mediators’ plan for a ceasefire, but the Zionists did not accept it and exploded the situation by attacking the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

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