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Britain’s plan to divide between Hezbollah and the Lebanese army

Britain has proposed the establishment of watchtowers on the Lebanese border with the occupied territories and is trying to make the Lebanese army responsible for confronting Hezbollah and create a split between the resistance and the Lebanese government.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, England is also after France And the United States has entered the developments in southern Lebanon and is seeking to calm the situation for the benefit of this regime by presenting a plan regarding the establishment of watchtowers on the southern borders of this country with the Zionist regime.

According to the British plan, watchtowers will be installed on the Lebanese-Palestine border, but the cameras of these towers are not supposed to be directed towards the occupied territories, but these cameras will be towards the Lebanese soil. These towers, which will be under the control of the Lebanese army, will be required to monitor the movements in the south so that Resolution 1701 is not violated. Its purpose is the confrontation between the army and the Lebanese resistance, which arose from the traditional idea of ​​”divide and conquer” (divide and conquer) of the British.

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The American ambassador in Beirut has also taken action in support of this dangerous plan and emphasized that the aid sent to the Lebanese army will be paid only if this plan is implemented. Amos Hockstein, Biden’s special envoy, has also emphasized that the only competent force to control Lebanon’s borders is the country’s army.

This position shows that the proposal to establish border watch towers The extension of the plan of France and the United States is in line with the efforts of the western countries allied to the Zionist regime with the aim of pushing back Hezbollah to the Litani river, so that the border between this river and the borders of occupied Palestine is controlled by the UN blue helmet forces and the Lebanese army. May Allah not enter these areas.

حزب‌ الله لبنان , پارلمان انگلیس , لبنان ,

Marz told Tasnim News Agency: According to the reports received, the latest proposals are that the British build military watchtowers inside the borders of Lebanon. to implement so that while deploying Lebanese army forces in these border areas, a new opportunity to spy on Hezbollah is provided with the aim of preventing the presence of resistance forces in this region and also creating a conflict between Hezbollah and the Lebanese army.




He continued: The British proposal was rejected by the Lebanese authorities, but it seems The United States insists on the implementation of this plan; Washington wants to build these towers, and this is one of the security requirements that can happen, but this proposal will not be implemented, because Lebanon does not make any attempt to spy on the resistance or incite it. does not accept the conflict between the resistance and the Lebanese army.

Since the emergence of Hezbollah as a new player in the field of resistance against the Zionist regime in the late 1980s, this resistance force has been restrained by other groups. The Lebanese and later the Lebanese army were part of Israel’s strategies, but this conspiracy was not realized with the far-sightedness of the Lebanese, based on the bitter experience of the years of civil war.

that the creation of internal tensions in Lebanon to confront Hezbollah is still desired, and the continuous emphasis of Hezbollah leaders on being multi-sectarian in Lebanon is due to this.

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