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The visit of the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations to Afghanistan

The United Nations announced the visit of the deputy secretary general of this organization in peace operations to Afghanistan.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, “Jean-Pierre Lacroix”, UN Deputy Secretary General in Operations During the two-day trip, Peace is going to discuss the dangers of unexploded ordnance from the war.


The United Nations has announced in an official statement that the purpose of this trip is “to develop effective strategies for the clearance of explosives in Afghanistan”.

Unexploded ordnance continues to claim lives in Afghanistan
Red Cross: Unexploded ordnance is a serious threat to Afghan children

According to this statement, mines threaten the lives of Afghan people and from January 2023 to March this year 821 people have been killed in the explosion of mines and ammunition left over from the war in Afghanistan. “clearfix” class=”clearfix”/>


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