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Express Tribune: The region’s interaction with the Taliban is Pakistan’s new challenge

A publication close to the Pakistani army wrote that increasing regional interaction with the Taliban does not bode well for Pakistan and is a new challenge for the country.

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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, “Express Tribune, a publication close to Pakistan’s army, wrote in an article entitled “A new challenge for Pakistan: increasing regional interaction with the Taliban does not have a good perspective for Pakistan and is a new challenge for this country.

The article begins with the question whether Afghanistan will once again become the battlefield of great powers? After more than fourteen decades of unrest and turmoil in this country, the international and regional powers that competed for influence in Afghanistan in the past formed a minimum consensus on the future of Afghanistan with the withdrawal of foreign forces led by the United States.

America, China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran and other key stakeholders agreed that the Afghan Taliban rule only after meeting certain conditions, including the formation of an inclusive government, respect for human and women’s rights, and non-permission to be recognized to terrorist groups to use the territory of Afghanistan.

This article further states that Pakistan was one of the only three countries that recognized the first government of the Taliban. recognition, but this time it went with the international consensus on the issue of recognition.

The understanding between actors and stakeholders was in place two years before the collapse of the international consensus, but the first The break in this consensus was signaled in March when China accepted the Taliban’s appointed full-time ambassador. Although Beijing never officially recognized the Taliban, this action was considered as tacit recognition.

Now another major power and stakeholder in Afghanistan to Establishing full relations with the Taliban is close. So that Russia refers to the issue of recognizing the Taliban government. As the first step, the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs of Russia proposed to remove the name of the Taliban from the black list.

The way is for the possible recognition of the Taliban government.

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Express Tribune further referring to the comments Recent Russian officials such as Putin’s statement that the Taliban in Afghanistan is a reality and the statement of the deputy of the Russian Security Council that Moscow is close to establishing a full relationship with the Taliban government, lead to the conclusion that these actions are not a good sign for Pakistan. /p>

The article added: Unlike the first Taliban regime, this time Pakistan hoped to build a broader consensus, at least at the regional level, about Afghanistan’s future. At first, Islamabad was eager for the return of the Taliban and therefore tried to engage more. However, the failure of the Taliban government to deal with terrorist threats weakened this morale. Ironically, when other regional actors are seeking more engagement with the Taliban, Pakistan is pushing to isolate Kabul. But it seems that international and regional actors are only looking for their own interests.

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