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The program of the British Labor Party to recognize the state of Palestine

English sources say that the Labor Party of this country plans to include the recognition of the Palestinian state in its plans if it wins the upcoming elections.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the Guardian newspaper quoted informed sources and wrote that it is expected If the Labor Party wins the British parliamentary elections, it should include the recognition of Palestine in its program at the right time and within the framework of “peace talks”. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on June 3 that with the approval of the king of this country, the parliament will be dissolved and national elections will be held on the fourth of July (Thursday, July 14); In the meantime, the issue of supporting Israel and Palestine is one of the main topics related to British foreign policy in this election.

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The agreement of the Slovenian Parliament with the recognition of the Palestinian state

In this regard, “Ker Starmer”, the head of Karges party, previously in response to a question about whether Palestine should be for the country to be recognized, he told the BBC: “Yes, I think so, and I think it is very important to recognize Palestine as a country.” However, he also said that if he wins in The election intends to recognize the state of Palestine in the framework of the so-called “peace” negotiations.

On the other hand, British Foreign Minister David Cameron (from the conservative party) said in January that If the Palestinians show “irreversible progress” in the implementation of the two-state solution, London may officially recognize the state of Palestine. Countries including Spain, Norway, Ireland, and in the most recent case, Slovenia, have recognized the State of Palestine; This issue has greatly angered the authorities of the Israeli regime. ” class=”clearfix”/>


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