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The United States and Saudi Arabia are close to a security agreement

Informed sources report that Washington and Riyadh are approaching a new security agreement.

to the report Mehr News Agency from They announced that the two countries are approaching to reach a new security agreement.

Accordingly, informed American and Saudi sources, who did not want to be named, told Wall Street The Journal announced: the Biden administration in line with its efforts to facilitate the normalization of relations between Riyadh and TelAvio is finalizing an agreement in which the US will help defend Saudi Arabia.

The possible agreement between the two sides is part of a broader package that includes a civilian nuclear deal between the US and Saudi Arabia, practical steps to create an independent Palestinian state, and an end to the current conflict. It is in Gaza.

Wall Street Journal says: Approval of Washington’s new agreement with Riyadh requires approval in Congress In that case, two-thirds of the legislators must agree to it. Reaching such a consensus can only be achieved if this issue depends on the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Knowledgeable authorities say that the drafter of this treaty since the United States based on the bilateral treaty with Japan is committed to military defense of this country It is against foreign attack, it is not known whether the new agreement with Saudi Arabia includes this issue or not.


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