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What damages has the Zionist regime suffered since October 7?

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, with a detailed analysis of the losses caused by the Gaza war for the Zionist regime, wrote: The Zionists have suffered a lot of losses so far.

report Mehr News, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, with a detailed analysis of the damages caused by the Gaza war for the Zionist regime, wrote: It seems that the Zionist enemy has suffered major losses and is trying to compensate for these losses through mass killings. slow This report examines the dimensions of the Zionist regime’s damages in several important sectors.

The dimensions of the defeat of the Zionist enemy in the Gaza war

1. The security and control system of the Zionist regime was damaged primarily due to the October 7 operation.

2. The participation of the global axis of resistance in the operation to support the Gaza front.

3. Iran’s direct intervention in the Sadiq operation.

4. Economic damages in the shadow of the continuation of war conditions and its expected consequences.

5. Anthropological damages and the spread of reverse migration.

6. moral damages and clarifying the nature of the false propaganda of the Zionist regime in the eyes of the nations of the world.

During this war, the Zionist regime could not achieve any of its declared goals and caused the forced migration of Palestinians. The reason for this is that Tel Aviv has no clear future after the war. In the course of Iran’s Honest Promise operation against the Zionist regime, it became clear that the cooperation of several countries and their military radars and technological tools was not enough to counter Iran’s air attacks.

Currently, it seems that the Tel Aviv army and its reserve soldiers do not have the strength to face the challenges facing the Zionist regime, and the reconstruction of the army requires human elements, which are possible in the current situation. That seems unlikely.

The economic damages of the war for the Zionist regime

The indirect damages of the Gaza war and the effects of the war on the economic nature of the Zionist regime and its future pose major risks for this regime.

1- Disruption in the Silicon Valley and Hitech project.

2- Disturbance in turning the Zionist regime into the center of gathering and distributing oil and gas in Europe.

3- Disturbance in the creation of the India-Europe corridor, which was supposed to start from India and pass through the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea through Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan and reach to reach Haifa port.

4- Disruption in the military industry project.

Examination of the economic conditions of the Zionist regime shows extensive economic losses caused by security chaos, the call-up of reserve soldiers, the withdrawal of capital from the occupied territories, the closure of financial institutions and bankruptcy. Many of them are stopping the activities of Zionist ports. Of course, a close look at these sectors and related projects can shed light on the large scale of the economic losses of the Zionist regime from the Gaza war.

Anthropological damages

This issue is considered one of the most vital issues for the Zionist regime, and for this reason it is subject to media censorship by the Zionist regime more than other sectors. Ahmed Fawad Anwar, an Egyptian researcher, believes that in the first month of the Al-Aqsa storm, more than one million people either left the occupied territories or refused to return to them. He adds that the investigation of the files related to Ben Gurion Airport shows that more than one million people have left the occupied territories and have no intention of returning. In addition, the normal process of immigration to the occupied territories has also been stopped due to security conditions or changes in the views of the world’s Jews towards the Zionist cabinet. All these cases have caused the Zionist regime to accept its defeat in the demographic competition with the Arabs living in Palestine.


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