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“Haaretz”: Tel Aviv’s claim about the release of prisoners is a complete lie

A Hebrew-language newspaper emphasized that the Zionist regime cannot release its prisoners by exerting military pressure on the Palestinian resistance.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al-Mayadeen network, the Zionist newspaper Ha’aretz emphasized in a report: The passage of eight months of the war in the Gaza Strip shows that the Tel Aviv authorities’ claim of freeing Israeli prisoners using The military pressure on the Palestinian groups is a complete lie.

This newspaper further wrote: The extreme rightists should not be allowed to sacrifice the prisoners remaining with Hamas for their personal ambitions.

While the Zionist soldiers, after starting a blood bath in the Nusirat camp, were able to release four Zionist prisoners after eight months, who during this brutal operation number Another of the prisoners was killed by the fire of the same soldiers.

Tel Aviv authorities had promised the immediate release of Zionist prisoners and the destruction of Hamas tunnels in Gaza eight months ago during the beginning of the attack on the Gaza Strip, but none of them were fulfilled. It has not been done.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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