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Seoul fired warning shots after North Korean soldiers crossed the military border

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff resorted to firing warning shots claiming that a number of North Korean soldiers had crossed the border between the two Koreas.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Reuters, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, after several North Korean soldiers crossed the military border between the two countries, Seoul’s military forces were forced to fire a warning shot.

Lee Seongjun, the spokesman of the Joint Staff of the South Korean Army, claimed that he believed that crossing the border line was not intentional because the military area between the two Koreas is full of vegetation. and the forest, and as a result, any kind of marking and demarcation and road is difficult to distinguish.

He added: They returned to the northern borders immediately after the army loudspeaker warning and also the warning shot, and there was no abnormal movement.

This incident occurred after South Korea claimed that hundreds of balloons containing garbage and excrement entered and discharged into Seoul’s airspace and land. In response, Seoul suspended the 2018 inter-Korean agreement and resumed its military activities, including the installation and restart of propaganda and provocative loudspeakers around the border areas.

Kim Yu-jong, the vice-minister of communications and a member of North Korea’s State Affairs Commission, who is also known as the right-hand man of the country’s leader Kim Jong-un, about South Korea’s action warned and said: “South Korea’s recent action in deploying high-powered loudspeakers on the border of the two Koreas and broadcasting announcements is a prelude to entering a very dangerous situation.”

Despite the truce between North and South Korea (1953-1950), they are still technically at war.


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