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Gaza Red Crescent: Fuel and food are running out in Gaza

The Red Crescent Society of Gaza announced that after one month of the closure of the Rafah border, fuel and food supplies are running out in Gaza.

report Mehr News Agency, according to the Palestinian Shahab news agency, the Palestinian Red Crescent Organization announced that the occupiers used ambulances in carrying out the crime of the Nusirat camp, which is considered a war crime.

This statement called on the international community to prosecute the occupiers for this crime and prevent them from committing new crimes.

Palestinian Red Crescent also emphasized that it will increase coordination with international delegations to strengthen humanitarian aid and reduce the hardships of the people of Gaza.

According to this report, the Gaza Red Crescent stated that it needs a safe environment for humanitarian services to continue in Gaza, in addition to targeting its members by the Zionist regime. does not accept

The report adds that the occupiers also use trucks carrying humanitarian aid to carry out their crimes in order to destroy people’s trust in aid agencies.

This report considered the biggest challenge facing the people of Gaza to be the blockade of the Rafah land crossing for more than a month and the stoppage of humanitarian aid and fuel to Gaza, and emphasized that Fuel and humanitarian aid in this area are on the verge of ending and hunger has spread over the Gaza Strip.

In the recent barbaric crime of the Zionist regime army in the Nusirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip 210 people were martyred and more than 400 Another person was also injured.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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