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The Islamic Ummah’s loud cry of renunciation against the child-killing regime

Review of the Responsibility of the Great Islamic Ummah in Hajj from the Perspective of Imam Khamenei

An overall view of a monotheist human’s life in Hajj

Hajj is one of the greatest religious duties in Islam in which individual and social aspects are prominently manifested. “On the individual aspect, the goal is purification, reaching purity and spirituality and abandoning worthless materialistic vanities and self-absorption in the spiritual self. [This pilgrimage allows one to] get acquainted with the Almighty God, through remembrance, supplication and invocation of the Lord” (April 15, 1997). On the social dimension, the goal of the gathering of diverse Islamic nations in the safe sanctuary of God is the realization of a transnational and transpersonal endeavor. This is so that Muslims can “be together there and feel the sense of being together. They can be made to understand what is beyond national entities, such as being Muslim as well as Islamic unity” (April 5, 1995). In fact, during Hajj, God presents “a picture of the overall perspective of the life of a monotheistic human and through a symbolic act, imparts a lesson to Muslims on leading a purposeful and directed life” (May 18, 1993) in such a way that all the rites of Hajj are “a symbolic reference to a part of the body of the depiction that Islam has presented of its desired society” (August 10, 2019).


An opportunity for renunciation

In Hajj, Abraham (pbuh) demonstrated a manifestation of monotheism that will be remembered by all monotheists throughout the history of the world by bringing his flesh and blood [Ishmael] to the place of sacrifice, overcoming his desires and showing complete submission to the divine command (December 18, 2007). The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) also “raised the flag of monotheism against the tyrants of his time and the false deities, and considered disdain for tyranny alongside faith in God to be a condition for salvation and redemption” (December 18, 2007). Based on these teachings, the Iranian nation gained a deeper understanding of Hajj following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and its sublime truths were revealed to the Iranian nation by Imam Khomeini (ra) – “A Hajj that is accompanied by bara’at [renunciation], a Hajj that is accompanied by having a mutual understanding with Muslims, a Hajj which is the manifestation of being ‘stern against the disbelievers’ and ‘merciful among themselves’” (July 16, 2018). And one of the most evident political rituals during Hajj pilgrimage is the “declaration of renunciation” (September 23, 2015).


Renunciation of polytheists, the governing spirit of Hajj

Since “the Kaaba is the center of Islam, and monotheism is the essence and truth of Islam, and the House of God serves as the center for the establishment and manifestation of monotheism, therefore, the slogan is a monotheistic slogan and renunciation is also renunciation of polytheism” (April 5, 1995). And monotheism, with its deep Quranic concept, means “focusing on and moving towards Allah while rejecting idols and satanic powers” (May 18, 1993). And the fact that “the remembrance of Allah is mentioned repeatedly in the verses related to Hajj is a sign that in this House and by its blessing, every non-Godly element should be erased from the minds and actions of Muslims, and the foundation for all kinds of shirk [polytheism] should be removed from their lives (May 18, 1993). Therefore, the “renunciation of the polytheists and abhorrence of idols and idolaters is the governing spirit of Hajj for believers. Every aspect of Hajj demonstrates devotion to God and dedication to His way, as well as renunciation of the devil, stoning and rejecting him and taking a stand against him” (December 18, 2007).


Disputing polytheism

Renunciation in Hajj means “exposing the enemy’s conspiracy and declaring abhorrence of it” (April 1, 1998). “It is abhorrence of all the cruelties, oppressions, malice, and corruption of the tyrants of every period, and it is a stand against the bullying and extortion of the Arrogant Powers of all ages” (August 5, 2019). Therefore, the ritual of renunciation is “an expression of disavowal and abhorrence of all this, and this is the first step on the path to embodying the Islamic will in rejecting these satanic phenomena and establishing the rule of Islam and monotheism over all Islamic societies” (May 18, 1993).

So “the dispute that exists in renunciation is directed towards polytheism and disbelief… the dispute that should not exist in Hajj is the dispute of the brothers and the believers with each other” (September 11, 2013).


Renunciation of the polytheists: From an opportunity for enlightenment to strengthening Muslim honor

Renunciation of the polytheists also has functions and effects for the Islamic Ummah. Firstly, “today the evil policies of America in this region [West Asia] … on the one hand, and the crimes committed by the Zionist regime are the primary concerns for all Muslims” (September 23, 2015) and “the opportunity of Hajj should not be missed to shed light on these matters and to declare renunciation of the Arrogant Powers and the US” (December 20, 2004).

Secondly, if Hajj is performed correctly and, in its entirety, “it initially halts the proliferation of all problems within the Islamic community, and then serves as a means to resolve them. It will also become the source of the honor of Islam fostering the prosperity of Muslims, and securing the independence and liberation of Islamic nations from foreigners” (April 23, 1996). The third point is that the “renunciation of the polytheists” ceremony, is a great propagational act in Hajj. “The very presence of this ceremony serves as a form of propagation. It shows that you have accepted Hajj with all its dimensions, in a complete package” (October 26, 2009).


Polytheism is not always of the same kind

Of course, when declaring renunciation of disbelievers and enemies, it should be noted that “Polytheism is not always of the same kind, and idols do not always appear in the form of wooden, stone, or metal statues. The House of God and Hajj should, at all times, recognize, denounce and eliminate polytheism in its specific attire of the time, as well as the conception of God having a partner in any form” (June 16, 1991). But “without a doubt, today and always, it is the same powers that have unjustly seized control of the system of human life, and today more clearly than ever before the power of Arrogance and the satanic power of America, and the power of Western culture and the corruption and vulgarity that they impose on Muslim countries and nations” (May 15, 1994).


Renunciation of killing the innocent and warmongering

Therefore, today, in the ceremony of renunciation “Today, the disavowal of the front of polytheism and disbelief of the Arrogant Powers, headed by the US, means renunciation of killing the innocent and warmongering; it means condemning terrorist centers such as Daesh and the US-owned [military company], Blackwater… It is the outcry of the Islamic Ummah against the child-killing Zionist regime and its supporters and helpers; it is the condemnation of the warmongering acts employed by America and its allies in the volatile regions of West Asia and North Africa… It is the abhorrence of racism and discrimination based on geography, race, and skin color; it is the abhorrence of the arrogant and malicious behavior of the invading and seditious powers in the face of the honorable, noble, and just behavior that Islam invites everyone towards” (August 5, 2019). And “the cry of renunciation that a Muslim raises during Hajj today signifies a disavowal of imperialism and its agents, which unfortunately exercise powerful influence in Islamic countries. By imposing a polytheistic culture, politics, and way of life on Islamic societies, they have destroyed the foundations of practical monotheism in the lives of Muslims, leading them to worship entities other than God. They only pay lip service to monotheism and no trace of the concept remains in their lives” (June 16, 1991).


The greatest enemy of Muslims

Of course, today the greatest enemies of Muslims are the Zionists and those who support them because “the greatest oppression of recent centuries has taken place in Palestine. In this painful incident, everything essential to a nation – its land, homes, farms, property, as well as its honor and identity – has been confiscated” (August 10, 2019). And “today, anyone who supports the Zionists, whether they are officials of arrogant countries like the US, England and the like, or public institutes like the United Nations and the like, who support them in some way or another, either with their silence or through their statements and unfair words, they are accomplices in this crime. The entire Islamic world… should oppose, confront, and renunciate them… This is a public duty” (July 29, 2014)


Hajj of Bara’at [Renunciation]

Hajj is “a place to express one’s opinion and articulate the position of the Islamic Ummah” (July 30, 2017). The Islamic Ummah can “express its correct and agreed-upon positions; those accepted and agreed upon by… peoples and nations. Governments may think or act differently… but the hearts of the people are different. This is where the people can express their viewpoints on a range of issues” (July 30, 2017). Even though “renunciation has existed in Hajj since the beginning of the Revolution” but in light of the significant and extraordinary events in Gaza, “this year’s Hajj in particular, is a Hajj of bara’at [renunciation].”  And “the faithful pilgrims must be able to convey this Quranic reasoning to the entire Islamic world. Today, Palestine needs the support of the Islamic world” (May 6, 2024). Of course, “the Islamic Republic has not and will not wait for others [to take action], but if the strong Muslim nations and governments unite and participate [in this endeavor], it will have a much greater impact. The deplorable situation of the Palestinians won’t continue. This is a duty” (May 6, 2024).


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