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The problem some Germans have in preparing proper meals

The results of a survey show that a large number of German citizens are unable to prepare a proper meal for themselves due to rising costs, and their number has increased under the leadership of the current coalition government.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting “Focus” publication, the results of a survey show that 13.3% of Germans cannot afford a meal containing meat, chicken or fish every day. They also cannot pay the equivalent for a vegetarian meal.

These results are from Eurostat data for 2023, which the BSW fraction of the German parliament from the Federal Statistical Office. It is requested, it is obtained. These figures are at the disposal of the German Editorial Network (RND).

Accordingly, these figures have been continuously increasing for years: while in In 2021, 10.5 percent said they couldn’t afford a full meal a day, rising to 11.6 percent in 2022. Single couples (22.8 percent) and single people (17.4 percent) have suffered the most from these conditions. In total, more than eleven million German citizens have been affected by these conditions.

Sahra Wagenknecht, head of the newly founded party BSW, told RND: These numbers It is an indictment for the German federal government.

He emphasized: More and more people are unable to fully feed themselves and their families. According to him, only since the establishment of the so-called traffic light coalition in Germany, more than two million people have been added to these people who cannot even afford a decent meal every other day. Wagenknecht said: “This is probably the most shameful social statistic under the government of the so-called traffic light coalition.” which should require retail chains to significantly reduce prices to pre-war levels.

He emphasized: Instead of making meat or other food more expensive With new taxes and millions of Germans being sent to food banks, the Traffic Light Coalition will have to do something about the massive loss of purchasing power in wages and pensions. Many foods have become very expensive in our country.

This criticism has been directed at the German federal government when the coalition parties suffered a bitter defeat in the recent European elections. .

The results of the latest poll show that the majority of German citizens are not satisfied with the coalition government and want early parliamentary elections.

The disgraceful defeat of the parties of the German coalition government led by “Olaf Schultz” in the European parliamentary elections has increased the pressure on the German chancellor to resign and has led to the intensification of conflicts in the coalition government.

After its historic defeat, the German Social Democratic Party rejected new elections and announced that it wants to stick to its government’s policy.

While admitting the bad results in the European parliamentary elections, the German Prime Minister requested the coalition government parties to strengthen cooperation in order to improve the situation until the German parliamentary elections.

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