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Day 256 of Al-Aqsa storm The martyrdom of 12 Palestinians in the bombing of the center of Gaza

The bombing of the center of the Gaza Strip with 12 martyrs, the Israeli army's artillery attacks on southern Lebanon and the US warning about the consequences of the escalation of the war with Hezbollah and Centcom's claim about the destruction of drones and drones in Yemen are among the most important developments in the morning of the 256th day of Al-Aqsa storm.
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according to the international group Tasnim news agency, the regime On the 256th day of the Al-Aqsa storm, Israel bombed areas in the Gaza Strip early this Tuesday, and in the Nusirat camp, these attacks resulted in the martyrdom of 10 members of the same family.

The US Army Central Command (CENTCOM) claimed in a statement that it has destroyed several drones, drones and radars of the Yemeni army in its night and morning military aggression.

In the occupied territories, anti-government and anti-Netanyahu demonstrations continue, and the Zionist police have arrested a number of people and three Zionists have been injured during the conflict between the protesters and the police forces.

Follow the most important developments of the 256th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

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Palestinian media reported that as a result of the bombing by the Zionist regime, two Palestinians died near the Gaza Wadi in the center of the Strip. Gaza has been martyred and some have been wounded.

Centcom’s claim of intercepting the drone and drones in Yemen

The US Army Central Command claimed this Tuesday morning that it had intercepted a drone of the Yemeni army over the Red Sea and that this incident did not cause any material or human damage.

Centcom also claimed that in the last few hours, during its military invasion of parts of Yemen, four radars of the Yemeni army and a Shahpad (remotely controlled float) saved the country in the areas controlled by the government. has destroyed the country.

10 Palestinians martyred in the bombing of Nusirat

The Palestinian Information Center reported that Israeli warplanes bombed a house in Nusirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring several others.

Three operations of al-Qassam battalions against the Zionist occupation

The al-Qassam battalions, the military wing of Hamas, announced this Tuesday morning that the last hours Last night, the Zionist occupying forces were crushed by heavy caliber mortar shells in the south of Tal al-Sultan area in Rafah city. The Israeli Merkava tank was targeted in the same area with the Yasin 105 anti-armor rocket. The mortar shells have smashed together.

Early morning artillery attacks of the Zionist regime on southern Lebanon

The Zionist regime’s army targeted the towns of Kafrshoba and Al-Khayam in southern Lebanon with artillery attacks this Tuesday morning.

Suppression Demonstrations of Netanyahu’s opponents and injuries to three people

Zionist media reports that at least three Zionist protesters were injured after the security forces attacked their gathering in front of the headquarters The residence of Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of this regime, was announced. These media reported the arrest of at least 9 Zionists who oppose Netanyahu.

Biden’s warning to the Zionist regime about the consequences of the war with Hezbollah

The media of the Zionist regime reported that the envoy of US President Joe Biden has warned Lebanon that Israel’s war with Hezbollah may lead to an all-out response from Iran, which Israel will not be able to repel it.

255 Al-Aqsa storm The war against the children of Gaza

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