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Hezbollah’s “army” is beyond imagination/destruction and disaster in one step “Israel”

In a situation where media sources reported the green light from Washington to Tel Aviv in support of opening a full-scale war against Hezbollah, Al-Akhbar Lebanon portrayed the turmoil in the military and political circles of the occupation.

reportMehr News Agency, a prominent media outlet affiliated with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, reflected the possible whisper of the start of a comprehensive military aggression by the occupying army against Lebanon among military experts of the war and domestic media circles in the occupied territories.

In this regard, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported on Saturday that the threats of the invaders to start a war All-encompassing against Lebanon has had the opposite result, more than putting Lebanon’s internal atmosphere under al-sha’a, because the wave of warnings, chaos, panic among political circles, media and Even the military in the internal front of this regime is so extensive that it is not complete, because they have well understood that the spark of a large-scale conflict with Hezbollah will be “mass suicide” for the aggressors. was.

according to Al-Akhbar, according to the military commanders and expert experts of the occupiers, the army of this regime. It has a small volume, and not only is it not able to win on one military front, but it will never be able to fight on six fronts at the same time.”

In this connection, Ishaq Brik, the senior general of the occupying forces and the former commissioner of handling Complaints of military personnel in the army admitted in a recent media statement that “the army suffers from a severe lack of resources, especially in the field of weapons, and with the ignition of an all-out war against Lebanon, a disaster And the slaughter of Israel will be removed.”

On the other hand, while the occupiers are still in artistic shock and showing power of Hezbollah’s “Hodhod” military reconnaissance drone in recording exclusive images from the depths of the occupied lands and especially the occupied city of “Haifa” Without intercepting the radar systems of the invaders, they will attack me in terror, a professor of political science at the Middle East Studies Center at the Haifa University” told the leaders of this regime in the event of a war The destroyer warned.

Amitsia for me” warned: “A third of the houses in Haifa will be razed to the ground in any war with Hezbollah, and with thousands of rockets fired by Hezbollah from Haifa will remain nothing but ruins.”

Also, “Zvika Haymovich”, the former commander of the air defense unit of the occupying army in a speech with Expressing concern about Hizbollah’s weapons capabilities in the field of missiles and drone industries, he admitted: “I know many armies in the world that have Hizbollah’s capabilities in the field They don’t have missiles and drones.”

It should be said that in the past few days, the media office of the Lebanese Hezbollah Islamic Resistance Movement published images received from the Hodeh reconnaissance drone, which show missile facilities, weapons sites, dome platforms. Ahanin, the ports and frigates of the Zionist regime from the border zero point in the north of the occupied territories to the Haifa region are under surveillance and identification of the Lebanese resistance.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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