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Macron may resign after the second round of elections

The Telegraph newspaper called the condition of French President Emmanuel Macron "fragile".

Telegraph, quoting Emmanuel Macron’s senior advisers, warned that as the “unpredictable” or even “volatile” president, he could become president after the second round of parliamentary elections in France today. is being held, to resign from the presidency.

The former senior adviser to the French president told the Telegraph about Macron, who may halve the number of seats in his centrist coalition by holding early elections compared to last month: I know him. This is not a science fiction story. He may resign.

The final polls show that Marine Le Pen’s National Assembly party will fail to win a parliamentary majority, but the results will lead to a chaotic array of parties from the far left to centrists to form a government or political paralysis in France.

Macron, who has three years left in his presidency, is forced to spend this term without a parliamentary majority, and even his closest allies worry that if he steps down, a grenade would be thrown by calling early elections. It can turn into a cluster bomb when Le Pen’s party takes power.

Early presidential elections could bring Le Pen into the Elysee Palace if the current polls about her popularity are correct.

Referring to Macron’s insistence on retaining the presidency and refusing to step down, the Telegraph quoted a loyal member of his cabinet as saying: “In the past 7 years, he had the chance to spend hours with Macron.”

This cabinet member said that Macron can make a promise directly to you one day and do the opposite the next day.

He added in an interview with the French newspaper Parisin: So when Macron says that he will never leave the post of president, I doubt it.

Some believe that Macron’s logic about dissolving the parliament and holding early elections shows that with this decision, he intended to reveal the identity of the National Community Party as an impostor group in the government and thus prevent Le Pen from being elected in the 2027 presidential election. be.

Jean-Michel Macron, Emmanuel Macron’s father, clarified this week and told a regional newspaper in France that it would be better for France to let Le Pen’s party rule for two years instead of five. If the National Assembly Party shows that it cannot govern in these two years, it can be expected that it will not go any further.

He claimed that Emmanuel Macron told him this two months before the European Parliament elections. The European Parliament elections led to the victory of Le Pen’s party and an excuse to hold early parliamentary elections in France.

But some political commentators in France are worried that the 46-year-old French president will be in a weak position until the 2027 elections.

Friday’s Ipsos Talan poll showed that the far-right National Assembly will win between 170 and 205 seats, a significant increase over its current tally of 89 seats, though still Less than 289 seats are required to get a majority.

Le Pen had previously called for Macron to step down from power before the big defeat of his party.

In this regard, he said: The only way out of a possible crisis, considering the impossibility of changing the cabinet and holding new elections, is the resignation of the president.

But political observers believe that this demand will not be fulfilled. The Telegraph quoted a French observer as saying: Macron will never resign. He is very intelligent and his departure means the end of his presidency and Le Pen coming to power.

A member of Macron’s Renaissance party in the French parliament also confirmed that he is convinced that Macron is not thinking of resigning.

He said that he is not a compatible person; It may destroy others, but it does not destroy itself.

Another member of the French Parliament said with a more pessimistic view of Macron: He is neither God nor mentally ill. He just made a big mistake.

The first phase of the French parliamentary elections was held last Sunday and the second phase of the early French parliamentary elections will be held today (July 17) and only candidates who won more than 12.5% ​​of the votes in the first phase made it to this round of elections. had done.

Source: IRNA


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