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51% of American companies continue to operate in Russia

The results of the research of Ryanavosti news agency show that despite the extensive sanctions against Moscow, 51% of American companies continue to operate in Russia.

Ryanovsti journalists investigated and analyzed the presence of American and Western companies in Russia in the shadow of increasing Western sanctions against Russia. According to their research, several American companies left the country’s market after starting their work in Russia and with the beginning of Western sanctions. However, a large number of American companies continue to operate in Russia despite Western sanctions.

According to their report, as of February 2022, more than 659 American organizations were working in the Russian Federation. Most of them are in the fields of IT, telecommunications, industry, food, sports and tourism. This is despite the fact that after the start of the war and the imposition of Western sanctions against Russia, 159 companies from the United States continue to operate in Russia in the same state, and 178 other companies have regulated their activities according to American laws and continue to do so.

About 49 percent of companies have completely left the Russian market.

Recently, the European Union approved the 14th package of sanctions against Russia in the background of the country’s war in Ukraine, which includes 116 individuals and entities.

The West’s efforts to undermine the Kremlin’s attacks by freezing its funds and assets, excluding Russian banks from international payment systems and suspending trade have not only had an impact on the Russian economy, but have forced Moscow to improve relations with other international partners, including has forced China and Iran.

Translator: Azam Purkand


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