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We hope that Russia’s relations with Tehran will develop during the medical period

The spokesman of the Kremlin Palace expressed hope that Moscow's united relations with Tehran will develop under the new president of Iran.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian Presidential Palace (Kremlin) told reporters today (Monday): Russia wishes success to Iran during the presidency of Masoud Baznashr and hopes that relations to develop unity between the two countries.

According to Sputnik news agency, Peskov continued: We have great respect for the choice [of Iranians]. Iranian people use their right to sovereignty. We wish success to the new president of Iran, and of course we hope to continue close partnership and united relations with Tehran, where there is a very, very positive dynamic for the development and deepening of [cooperation] in various fields.

He also talked about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s trip to Washington and whether he will carry a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to US President Joe Biden. He emphasized: No.

Orban, who has now traveled to China, announced that he will go to Washington after Beijing. The next meeting of NATO member heads is scheduled to be held in Washington on July 9-11. Before China, Orban had also traveled to Russia and Ukraine.
Emphasizing that “the Russian president is a staunch supporter of political and diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the Ukrainian crisis,” Peskov added: “The Hungarian prime minister is trying to understand the nature of the differences regarding Ukraine, and Moscow appreciates this.” .


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