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Macron opposed the French Prime Minister’s resignation

The President of France opposed the request of the Prime Minister to resign after the victory of the French leftist coalition in the parliamentary elections.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News Agency, citing AFP, French President Emmanuel Macron opposed the request of Prime Minister Gabriel Atal to resign and asked him to “in order to ensure the stability of the country, for the time being abandon this action.”

The Elysee Palace wrote a statement that Macron asked Atal to continue his work as prime minister and further praised his efforts in the election campaign that he led. He has been in charge of it, he appreciated.

After the victory of the left-wing coalition “New People’s Front” in the second round of the country’s parliamentary elections, Atal said that he will resign, but he will fulfill his duties as long as needed


According to the announcement of the Ministry of Interior of France, the final results of counting the votes of the country’s parliamentary elections show that the coalition of left-wing currents called “New Popular Front” won 182 seats in The first place has been placed.

According to the data of the French Ministry of Interior, the coalition of moderate parties led by Macron won 168 seats and the coalition of right-wing parties named “Rally/National Assembly” won 143 seats. They are ranked second and third respectively.

The “Republican Party” is also in the fourth position with 45 seats, and the other parties are in the next position with 39 seats…


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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