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Bloomberg analysis of Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Russia

Western media that follow the Indian Prime Minister's visit to Russia emphasized that this visit shows that the two countries have good relations with each other.

Western media reported on Monday that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia shows that the two sides are close.

According to the Sputnik report, according to the western newspaper, Modi’s visit to Russia is aimed at keeping relations between New Delhi and Moscow clear and also sending a signal that the two sides are still close.

In this regard, Bloomberg newspaper quoted senior Indian officials and added that it is unlikely that high-level statements will be issued by the countries during this trip. Narendra Modi’s official visit to Russia will take place on July 8 and 9, which is his first visit to Russia in the last five years.

Kremlin announced that talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi will be held in Moscow. The heads of the two countries will discuss the prospect of further development of traditional and friendly relations between Russia and India, as well as current issues at the international and global levels.

Kremlin further said that if the agenda of this trip is not heavy, it will be rich and the negotiations will be conducted in limited and broad formats. According to Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian presidency, the Kremlin hopes that the heads of the two countries will be able to communicate with each other in an informal environment.

It is worth noting that after Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, India became one of the major buyers of Russian oil, and Moscow has been one of the suppliers of weapons and heavy military equipment to Delhi for several decades.

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