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The congratulatory message of the Archbishop of Russia to Dr

In a message, Patriarch Kirill wrote: Dear Mr. Masoud Mezikian, I sincerely congratulate you on your election as the new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the message of Patriarch Kirill, Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, a copy of which was published on the website of the Orthodox Church on Monday, it is stated: The people of Iran trusted you to build the future of the country. And they expect you to take effective and necessary steps in the direction of economic and social development.

In another part of this congratulatory message, it is stated: preservation of spiritual, cultural and historical traditions and adherence to moral principles are among the goals that unite the nations of Iran and Russia.

The Archbishop of Russia noted: It is very important to hold meetings and bilateral meetings in order to help bring closer the positions of the two countries in the important issues of cultural and religious cooperation.

He added: With the support of the Iranian authorities, a good dialogue and cooperation has been established between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Muslim community of Iran.

Patriarch Kirill wrote in another part of his congratulatory message to the doctors: I hope that the pleasant bilateral interactions between the two countries will continue and I wish you full health and blessed success in your service.


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