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4 ISIS terrorists were arrested in Kirkuk and Anbar provinces of Iraq

Iraq's anti-terrorism agency announced the arrest of 4 ISIS terrorist elements in Kirkuk and Anbar provinces.

According to Iraqi media, Iraq’s anti-terrorism agency announced today Monday that it has arrested four terrorist elements in Kirkuk and Anbar.

In a statement, Iraq’s anti-terrorism agency announced that based on accurate intelligence data, the forces of the anti-terrorism agency conducted several operations in different regions of the country, and in two separate operations, two terrorist elements were arrested in Kirkuk province.


The Iraq Counter-Terrorism Agency added that in the framework of coordination with the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, the forces of the aforementioned agency arrested one of the remnants of ISIS terrorist elements in Anbar province.

In the same province, the forces were able to arrest another terrorist element who had fought with the Iraqi security forces in 2015.

Iraqi security forces continue to search, clear and pursue ISIS remnants throughout the country to ensure that ISIS and its fugitive elements do not re-emerge.

It should be said; Remaining elements of ISIS are still active in areas of Baghdad, Saladin, Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Anbar, etc.

Security operations in the south of Nineveh

Al-Furat News, in a report on Monday, quoting the command of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi operation headquarters in Nineveh province, announced that it has conducted a large-scale operation with the help of the Iraqi army in this province.

According to this report, in this operation, the 33rd Al-Hashd al-Shaabi Brigades and the 76th Division of the 16th Division of the Iraqi Army are present, and the purpose of this operation is to investigate and inspect several axes in the south of Nineveh province.

The other goals of this operation are to narrow the field against terrorist elements and maintain the security of the region and prevent any attack on citizens.

Source: IRNA


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