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The Iraqi resistance has entered the stage of confrontation with the Zionist regime

The head of an Iraqi movement, pointing out that the country's resistance front has entered the stage of confrontation with the occupying regime, announced the increasing trend of resistance operations.

“Mohammed Sharif Abu Saida” today (Monday) in an interview with “Al-Malouma” website said that if the Zionist regime takes action against southern Lebanon, the process of resistance operations will increase in the future.

He added: The Iraqi resistance front has entered the battle line and confrontation with the Zionist regime, and the main players in the region are trying to maintain the rules of conflict and confrontation.

Abusaeida clarified: If the Zionist regime violates the rules of the current conflict in the region, the resistance axis will also violate the rules of the conflict in an unprecedented way and a big battle will take place.

He added: Today, all of Israel is in danger and Hezbollah drones have reached beyond the city of Haifa. As a result, the rules of the game have changed, especially since the Golan Front has opened up and different resistance groups have targeted this area.

A few days ago, the Iraqi Resistance Coordination Council announced in a statement: If the Zionist regime attacks Lebanon, we will target all American interests in Iraq and the region.

This statement stated: If the threat of the Zionist regime against Lebanon is implemented, the scope and quality of their operations will increase, and in the event of this attack, American interests in Iraq and the region will become legitimate targets for the resistance forces. /p>

In this statement, the Iraqi resistance emphasized that following the killings in Palestine, a decisive position should be taken towards the Arab countries that compromised with the Zionist regime, adding: the Aqaba-Basra oil pipeline, which has cost Iraq a lot and has no economic benefits. No, maybe it is the starting point for bringing Iraq into a dirty plan that provides the ground for the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime.

Source: IRNA


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