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The provision of medical services in northern Gaza was stopped

In a report, the Gaza Ministry of Health announced the dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza and demanded the reopening of the Rafah crossing.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is getting worse every day, so that the lack of food items and drinking water, fuel, the closure of medical centers, and finally the risk of the spread of diseases in this strip have put civilians in a very bad situation. 

According to Al Jazeera, Mounir al-Borush, the director general of the Gaza Ministry of Health, announced today (Monday) the dire conditions in the field of healthcare in this area. 

He said in this regard: severe lack of fuel is still considered one of the biggest obstacles and one of the main crises in the field of treatment. The only current source that is providing fuel for medical centers is the World Health Organization, which is much less than the fuel provided by this organization. 

Alborash pointed out the brutality of the Zionist regime as one of the most important obstacles to providing relief to the people, and pointed out: All medical services in northern Gaza have been suspended due to the existing conditions and the escalation of the conflict. Now the tanks of the Zionist regime are stationed in the vicinity of Dostane Hospital in the north of Gaza. 

This health official announced the critical humanitarian conditions in Gaza and emphasized: At least 34 children in northern Gaza have died due to malnutrition and dehydration. We need to be able to transfer 25,000 patients out of Gaza to receive medical services, but so far only 5,000 of them have received permission to leave. 

At the end, referring to the occupation of the Rafah crossing by the Zionist regime army on May 7th, he called for the immediate reopening of this crossing in order to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. 

Translator: Abulfazl Hashemi


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