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France condemned the settlement of the Zionist regime in the West Bank

France condemned the legalization of several occupied settlements and allowed the construction of another 5,000 residential units by the Zionist regime.

reported by Mehr News Agency, in a statement on Monday night, France once again strongly condemned the legalization of 5 settlements, the permission to build thousands of new houses and the declaration of sovereignty over thousands of hectares of land in the Jordan Valley by the government of the Zionist regime.

French Foreign Ministry by issuing a statement legalizing 5 occupied settlements by Tel Ayo and condemned this regime’s plan to permit the construction of 5 thousand more residential units in the occupied West Bank.

The statement said that the Tel Avio officials /span> They have agreed with the permission to build more than 20,000 new residential units in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since 2023, and have taken over more than 2,300 hectares of Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley.

The statement adds that these actions are “extremely dangerous” due to the consequences they have for the stability of the West Bank and the region.

Paris emphasized that the Tel Aviv It is a big obstacle to establishing lasting peace in the region.

France stressed: Israel’s colonization of Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, is a violation of international law.

A few days ago, the Cabinet of the Zionist regime approved plans to “legalize” new settlement centers in the West Bank along with sanctions against the Palestinian Authority.

France stated in this regard: In addition to being a major obstacle to any just and lasting peace, this policy fuels tensions in the field, because the violence of the settlement The sitters against the Palestinian people will increase.


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