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Iran’s elections and a democratic experience / “The dream of the Westerners did not change”

A Syrian newspaper pointed out that Iran's elections were held in an ethical and transparent atmosphere and praised the process of democracy in our country.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr Khabargazari, the Syrian newspaper Al-Thawrah wrote about Iran’s elections with the headline “Ethical competition: Iran’s presidential election with its special characteristics is considered a fundamental development, which emphasizes the importance of the political experience that the revolution Islamic Iran has institutionalized it and emphasizes it. This political experience is not only achieved within the framework of protecting the principles, but also leads to the creation of new results to improve this path and advance it based on the interests of the Iranian nation and the country’s system, along with regional developments.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated: Western countries and the United States have encouraged the tension in Iran after the unfortunate incident for the late president and foreign minister of this country. but these dreams were not interpreted. Iran’s elections showed that the country has institutions that can move forward despite the long-term Western and American sanctions and problems.

Al-Thoureh added: Iran’s election process protects the country’s Islamic revolution; Of course, this path is not closed and motionless, but it can grow and develop. It is noteworthy that the continuation of this path in line with the interests of the Iranian nation is not affected by external pressures, and this issue shows that the political system in Iran respects the opinion of the nation and the voters.

It is emphasized in this report: The Islamic Republic of Iran once again taught its enemies and the enemies of the resistance axis a new lesson. We know that the victory and success of Iran means the success of the axis of resistance and the continuation of supporting the important issues of the Islamic Ummah, especially the Palestinian issue against the plans of the Zionist regime and liberals who seek to change the map of the region.

Iranian elections showed a bright picture of democracy with the presence of candidates who competed in a moral atmosphere, not like the recent debate of American electoral rivals outside of moral principles and be held humanely Any competition in which moral principles are not respected is considered a competition of savages. Saeed Jalili, the rival of the current president of Iran, was among the first to congratulate him; These are the same moral principles that deep-rooted democracies and not countries with the law of the jungle follow.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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