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Lebanese Hezbollah’s attack on the north of the occupied territories

Lebanon's Hezbollah issued a statement announcing the targeting of a military base in the north of the occupied territories.

Since the start of the Gaza war, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has activated the northern front to counter this regime in order to support the Palestinian resistance axis against the brutality of the Zionist regime. Now the Zionists are forced to deploy a significant part of their army in the northern fronts due to the fear of Hezbollah fighters.

According to Al Jazeera, Lebanon’s Hezbollah issued a statement today (Tuesday) announcing the targeting of a military base in the vicinity of Al Baraj area, near the border of Lebanon and the occupied territories. 

This statement, without mentioning details, announced the exact and direct targeting of the military base of the Zionist regime during today’s artillery attacks. However, further details of the casualties and damages of this attack have not been released. 

Lebanon Hezbollah released a video made by a drone from the Zionist military base in the occupied Golan Heights earlier today. In these images, the military command centers, the position of the artillery, and the radars of the Iron Dome were marked. 

By releasing such images, Hezbollah officials warn the Zionist enemy that in the event of an all-out war, they will put their hard options on the table and inflict painful blows on the Zionist enemy. 

Translator: Abulfazl Hashemi


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