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The new military assistance of 4 European countries to Ukraine to confront the Russian war machine

On Saturday, media sources announced the new military assistance of 4 European countries to the Ukrainian army to continue the war with Russia.

According to the report of Fars Khabarzai International Group, in the continuation of the West’s efforts to protect the Ukrainian army against the Russian war machine, the media reported on Saturday the new military aid of four European countries to Ukraine to continue the war with the army. Russia informed.

Defence website Express wrote, Estonia, Iceland, Germany and Lithuania delivered new packages of military aid to the armed forces of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Estonia reported that Together with Iceland, this country has delivered a military field hospital to Ukraine. Germany and Iceland have also given unknown amounts of weapons and logistics equipment to the Ukrainian army. Lithuania has also sent anti-drone systems to Ukraine.

Earlier, the Dutch Air Force sent F-16 fighters to Romania to train Ukrainian pilots. Media sources reported that the first series of Dutch F-16 fighters arrived in Romania to train Ukrainian pilots. The Romanian Ministry of Defense announced that five F-16 fighter jets of the Air Force landed at the “Fetsi” air base last Tuesday. These fighters will be used to train pilots from Ukraine and NATO countries at the soon-to-be-opened European Training Center in Romania. Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren has also confirmed this news. Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently said that the air defense systems Russia can shoot down all the F-16 fighter jets promised by the West to Ukraine in 20 days. Shoigu said in a meeting in Moscow, the capital of Russia, that in October, a total of 1,400 air targets, including 37 Ukrainian planes and 6 Atkams missiles, were shot down in air battles.

The French Ministry of Defense has also supplied an unknown number of machine guns and grenade launchers worth 36 million euros to Ukraine.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force recently stated A comment about Russian air power said that the Russian army has the capacity to drop 100 bombs per day, and the Ukrainian army must be equipped with advanced air defenses to counter Russian jets. Yuriy Ignat, the spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force, said that Russia is heavily using guided bombs to target Ukrainian positions. He added that the guided bombs The reason for the ability to fly up to 70 kilometers from the launch site to the target is dangerous.

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