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Developments in Ukraine Biden’s reference to the possibility of conflict between the West and Russia

Zelensky's meeting with Joe Biden and Macron in France, the reaction to Biden's words about attacking Moscow and the Kremlin, the absence of Argentina and Mexico at the Swiss Peace Conference, and the West's concern about Putin's response to the use of Western weapons to attack Russia, among the events surrounding the war. are.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, US President Joe Biden said this fact He admitted that the decision to approve the attacks of the Ukrainian armed forces deep into Russian territory with American weapons may lead the West to a military conflict with this country, although he considers such a development unlikely.

Biden last night in an interview with ABC. News, when asked if he was not concerned that the decision to authorize attacks by Ukrainian armed forces on Russian territory would not only escalate the conflict in Ukraine, but also involve Western countries and the United States itself in the war. : “Theoretically, such a conflict is possible, but it seems very unlikely.”

He explained that this is due to the fact that “no American soldiers are involved in the process of using the weapons sent to the Ukrainians.” In this interview, Biden also promised that the United States will not allow Ukrainian forces to attack Moscow or the Kremlin with American weapons. Of course, in his opinion, the use of weapons near the border of Ukraine and to attack the other side against specific military targets is allowed. In addition, the US president also spoke about Vladimir Putin and claimed that the president The Russian president has been “harassing” him for 40 years.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in response to Biden’s words, said that the US authorities “allowed the Ukrainians to attack Russia, except It’s unfortunate that they give Moscow and the Kremlin.

A day ago, the Associated Press news agency quoted a Western official and wrote that Ukraine has been using American weapons to attack Russian territory for a long time. It is known that this information was confirmed by a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Republican Senator from South Dakota, Mike Rounds, but he did not say where the source of his information was. Follow the 835th day of the war in Ukraine:


White House: Biden will meet with Zelensky in France today


The White House press office reported that the US president will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyi in France on Friday, according to Joe Biden’s official travel schedule.

Previous The French newspaper Le Monde also reported that on the same day, June 7, Zelenskiy will meet French President Emmanuel Macron. The president of Ukraine will also give a speech in the French parliament.

In Kiev, Biden’s words about continuing to support Ukraine are considered absurd

quoted by Politico newspaper. Ukrainian officials reported that US President Joe Biden’s statements about all-out military support for Ukraine are not very important and serious for Kiev. It was noted that many in Kiev regard the US leader’s promise to support Ukraine as “empty rhetoric”. According to this newspaper, there are several reasons for Kiev authorities to be pessimistic about the Biden government. For example, in his interview with Time magazine this week, Biden spoke against the idea of ​​Ukraine joining NATO. In addition, the President of the United States has decided not to personally participate in the peace meeting in Switzerland and will send his deputy, Camilla Harris, in his place. Given the Russian territory, many members of the Zelenskiy government are unhappy with the restriction of the permit to the areas adjacent to the border around the Kharkiv region.

Meanwhile, the White House was asked by this newspaper to comment on the criticism. He has not responded to Biden’s positions. Of course, a senior White House official, who did not want to be named, called the criticism of Biden’s statements “nonsense” and said that Biden has created a broad coalition of countries that now support Ukraine.

Lavrov’s reaction to Biden’s comments about the attack on Moscow

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed his opinion in a television interview last night that US President Joe Biden’s comments that the authorities It is unfortunate that the American “do not allow the Ukrainians to carry out attacks on Moscow and the Kremlin.” Lavrov said: “I feel somehow uncomfortable that sometimes I have to comment on the behavior and words of Joe Biden. do I just feel sorry for him.”

According to the Secretary of State, understanding the logic behind the words of the President of the United States and his way of thinking is “very difficult”.

Joe Biden Last night, he reminded that Washington supports Ukraine in its attacks on Russia’s border areas, but these attacks should not be against Moscow and the Kremlin. Mikhail Galozin, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, said on Thursday on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum. In response to Biden’s words, St. Petersburg said: “We are now witnessing that the Washington authorities officially set goals and instructions for the armed forces of Ukraine and define the area of ​​possible military operations. All this only confirms how dependent and completely subordinate to the Americans the Kiev authorities are.”

He allows himself to do this.  Galozin stressed that anyone who tries to encroach on any part of Russia’s territory will receive an appropriate and decisive response and will “deeply regret it.”

Lavrov: French soldiers in Ukraine are a legitimate target of Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry, meeting of Ukrainian leaders in Switzerland called it a fraudulent event

Mikhail Galuzin, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, announced last night on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) that the country hopes that the countries of the world are fraudulent and fraudulent in nature The Swiss summit on the issue of so-called peace in Ukraine.

The diplomat said: We expect the leaders of all countries, regardless of which alliance they belong to, to understand the fraud that took place in the sale. Understand the theory of peacefulness of the Borgenstock summit, in which Russia is given an ultimatum in advance, and realize the inadmissibility of such a way of thinking. Covering the same absolutely unacceptable Zelensky formula with seemingly deceptive topics that have no effect on the course of the situation in Ukraine. 

Earlier it was reported that the largest political party in Switzerland, the SVP party, demanded to invite Russia to the conference on Ukraine and emphasized that the meeting should not turn into a one-sided propaganda event. to become a source of weapons for a side of the conflict.

The president of Argentina will not go to the Ukraine conference

Argentine newspaper La Nacion this morning, Friday, quoted High-ranking sources reported that Argentina’s President Javier Maile decided not to attend a conference in Switzerland on the “Peace Formula” in Ukraine.

Furthermore, according to this publication, Maile also He may now travel to Europe for the G7 summit in Italy on June 13-15. Miley was specially invited by Italian Prime Minister George Meloni to this meeting.

It was previously reported that the president of Argentina will not attend the national holiday of this country on June 17-20. The title will not travel to Europe.

Mexico refused to participate in the Swiss peace meeting about Ukraine

The Mexican embassy in Russia announced that the country has accepted the invitation. regarding participation in the Swiss summit on the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, but will not send a delegation there.

An embassy official explained: Mexico has decided to participate in this Do not attend the event. Our country is in favor of peace, so we expect that negotiations will soon be held in which both sides of the conflict will participate.

A meeting on the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis will be held on June 15 and 16 in Burgenstock, Switzerland. will be Invitations have been sent to 160 countries and so far 80 delegations at the level of heads of state and government have confirmed participation. The Kremlin called the Swiss summit on Ukraine an empty entertainment.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, speaking to Izvestia reporter on Thursday on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, expressed his opinion that in terms of content, the summit in Switzerland on Ukraine is an absurd gathering that is doomed to become It will be a fruitless and empty pastime. At the same time, according to him, the West is still trying to give more credibility to this summit by any means possible. Peskov added: “Of course, we will pay close attention to this event. We have to wait and see what talks are heard in its context. However, Russia’s special military operations will continue, and the most important issue for us is to achieve our goals. >

The Kremlin spokesman noted on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that at the moment, Moscow sees no reason to start the process of negotiations with Ukraine, because the Kiev authorities have closed all the doors to this, and Russia continues to The objectives of special military operations are achieved. 

Dmitry Peskov, in response to a question about Vladimir Zelensky’s legitimacy, also said: Even if it is now possible to have any serious talks with Kiev through diplomatic solutions, the question arises with whom conducted such a conversation.

He added: This question has arisen now and we do not see an answer to it. Another point is that now there is no basis for starting such a negotiation process. The press secretary of the Russian President, in response to another question, reminded that the recent decisions of Kiev, such as calling younger youth to mobilize and Sending to the front will create a more negative wave in the Ukrainian society. In fact, they are earning the enmity of many mothers who will lose their sons to the wishes of the Ukrainian leadership. 

The West is examining Putin’s reaction to sending weapons to Kiev

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, also announced that the Western countries sent a clear message. Vladimir Putin heard about Moscow’s reaction to sending weapons to Ukraine for attacks on Russian soil and are carefully examining and analyzing it. The margin of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum said that the country could respond to the supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine. He emphasized that Russia’s reaction in this situation may be asymmetric and it will be decided based on the interests of the country. 

According to the Kremlin spokesman, Putin’s statements were clear and unambiguous. These words were widely published in the world media and were analyzed in many countries. Peskov, pointing out that he is not obliged to reveal the goals of the Russian armed forces, reminded Putin’s words that Moscow will not allow Russia’s interests will be endangered and the West should pay attention to this fact.

Putin: The West should accept Iran’s right to enjoy nuclear energy

The reaction of the Italian Foreign Minister to Putin’s words

Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs And the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is actually “trying to scare the West” by saying that Moscow can respond to sending long-range weapons to Kiev with the same supplies to a number of regions of the world.

He said in a TV interview: Putin is waging a combined war against the West, that is, he threatens, raises his voice, and tries to intimidate the West and Europe on the eve of the European elections. This is part of his game.

The foreign minister called for continued aid to Ukraine and “efforts for peace”. At the same time, he emphasized that Italy will not send its military forces to participate in the conflict against Russia and will not allow Kiev to use Italian weapons to attack Russian territory.

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