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France warns about the danger of Russian interference in the internal affairs of countries

The Prime Minister of France warned against Russia's interference in the internal affairs of other countries and emphasized that these interventions could be a new world war.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, “Gabriel Attal”, the Prime Minister of France, strongly He warned against Russia’s interference in the internal affairs of other countries. “These interventions could be our new world war,” Atal said in an interview with France 2 radio station on Thursday.

He added: “These are manipulations from outside that want to divide us.” This is Sam’s intervention. This is a poison that wants to manipulate public opinion, divide us and endanger our security in a new and a hybrid form.

On Wednesday, the French National Assembly passed a law which strengthens the means of combating foreign interference. Accordingly, a national measure to influence foreign influence and a procedure to freeze financial assets are being established.

In addition, digital surveillance procedures that have so far only been used in the fight against terrorism. , they should be able to be used to fight illegal influence.

However, Atal attached the stars of David to several buildings in the greater Paris area shortly after the start of the war between Israel and Hamas as examples of Russian influence was mentioned.

Red hands were also splashed on the Holocaust memorial in Paris, and coffins appeared under the Eiffel Tower last weekend with the French flag and the inscription “French soldiers of Ukraine”. In all these cases, the French security authorities suspect the connection of Russian information.

On Wednesday, the French anti-terror prosecutor’s office opened an investigation against a man with Russian and Ukrainian citizenship on suspicion of planning to carry out a violent act with drugs. Explosive reported. It is said that this 26-year-old man suffered head injuries on Monday evening when he handled explosives in a hotel room near Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. According to investigators, this man from the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine fought for the Russian army for two years.

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