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Ali Bagheri will participate in the meeting on December 8 in Istanbul

The Economic Cooperation Organization of Eight Developing Countries (known as Day Hasht) will hold an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers on the issue of Gaza on Saturday, June 19, in Istanbul.

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According to the foreign policy group Tasnim news agency, the extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of the D-8 group In Istanbul, in terms of taking a unified position against the military aggression of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip, which has been ongoing since October 7 of last year (October 15, 1402), it is of great importance.

D-8 group which Established in the same city of Istanbul, it includes the eight Islamic countries of Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, and the Council of Ministers consisting of the foreign ministers of the member countries is also the main authority for decision-making and examining issues related to the group. .

– “Mohammed Ishaq Dar”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, “Retno Marsudi”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, “Mohammed Hassan”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, “Ali Bagheri”, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, and “Depo Muni”. The minister of welfare of Bangladesh and high-ranking officials of Egypt and Nigeria are going to participate in this meeting.

The statement of the “Eight Developing Islamic Countries” group states: The meeting will be held in the historic Dolma Baghce Palace in Istanbul. It will be held on June 8, 2024, on June 19, 1403.

This statement adds: This meeting was organized at the invitation of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and it is expected that more support and solidarity in the “D-8” coalition for the people Palestine, especially the besieged residents of the Gaza Strip.

Also, in this extraordinary meeting, in which the ministers and high-ranking delegations of the “D-8” member states will be present, about humanitarian aid and other necessities to reduce hardships. and the current sufferings of the Palestinian people will be discussed.

Collective action to help end the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip has been announced as the main focus of this meeting.

Since the beginning of the crimes The Zionist regime in Gaza in October 1402, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken advantage of every opportunity, including international multilateral mechanisms, to help the defenseless people of Gaza. The extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers on August 8 in Istanbul has provided another opportunity to advance this responsible diplomacy.

At the end of this meeting, the collective positions of the member states in support of Gaza and against the child-killing regime are to be announced. and be declared a criminal of Israel.

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