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The rise of the Polish opposition led by “Donald Tusk” to take over the prime minister’s seat

The three opposition parties in Poland have agreed on the formation of the future government and announced their readiness to form a new government led by “Donald Tusk”.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting The publication “D Sight”, about four weeks after the parliamentary elections in Poland, the winning coalition of three opposition parties agreed to form a coalition government. In the October 15 election, the liberal-conservative Citizens Coalition (KO) led by former EU Council President Donald Tusk, along with the conservative Third Way Party and the Left Coalition of Levika, won a clear majority in the lower house.

Donald Tusk said at the public signing of the coalition agreement at the parliament building in Warsaw that it was “good news full of responsibility for our country”. This coalition is ready to immediately take over the government as soon as it receives the official order to form the government. He told reporters: “We agreed on four years of good, hard work and solidarity.” However, a few days ago, Polish President Andrzej Duda Controversial took to further delay the transfer of power in this country. On Monday, he ordered former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of the conservative National Law and Justice Party PiS to form a government. The Polish president explained that he followed the good tradition of the parliament, according to which the representative of the strongest faction was given the task of forming the government, which was criticized by the victorious opposition.

The previous ruling PiS party became the strongest faction in the parliament with 194 seats in the recent parliamentary elections, but clearly lost an absolute majority and has no coalition partner to form a government. In this election, the opposition three-party coalition won 248 seats out of 460 seats in the parliament. This means that Morawiski’s attempt to form a government is most likely doomed to failure. Duda had already set the date for the meeting of the new parliament’s constituents on November 13 – almost a month after the elections. The Law and Justice Party can bring more weeks of political instability in Poland.

In Poland it is a political custom, but not a requirement. , that the president entrusts the task of forming the government to the representative of the party that has become the strongest political force. If his proposal for the cabinet does not get the majority of the parliament, it will be the turn of other factions.

Donald Tusk criticized this decision as an incomprehensible mistake. News portal quoted the leader of the opposition as saying that the current government camp wants to steal another few days, two or three weeks with this decision.

In the years Recently, under the rule of the Law and Justice Party, there have been frequent disputes with the European Union Commission and other member states of the region over immigration policy and issues related to the rule of law. Tusk was the Prime Minister of Poland from 2007 to 2014 and then the President of the Council of the European Union. In 2021, he returned to Polish politics.

The coalition of opposition parties is planning concrete steps for the period after the formation of the government.

The three opposition parties who want to join the forces led by former Prime Minister Donald Tusk want more cooperation with the European Union and a more conciliatory policy towards Germany.

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