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Senior military officer of Ukraine: The Russian army is displaying its combat prowess in the “Audioka” region

On Saturday, Ukrainian military officials and analysts pointed to the Russian military moves to capture the city of “Audioka” and considered it a sign of the combat power of the Russian armed forces.

According to Fars International News Agency, a senior Ukrainian military official said on Saturday that Russian forces will continue to attack the “Audioka” region to prove their combat capability.

According to News sources, the prestigious American think tank wrote in its latest report on the Russia-Ukraine war, that a major Russian attack is imminent. The American think tank “Studies of War” wrote, based on the evaluations, despite Ukrainian counter-attacks in the north of the disputed city of “Audioka”, the Russian forces are aiming for a big attack with the strength of their positions.

He claimed the formation of Ukrainian defense layers in this region. This Ukrainian military official added: “I think we will see a significant increase in the movements of Russian forces before January.” It was said that the Russian military command will continue to send people to attack Avdiyka until the city is completely captured. According to this report, Russian forces in the north of Avdiyka Eastern Ukraine have advanced. The received footage shows Russian forces advancing southwest of Krasnohorivka towards the railway north of Avdiyka. The Ukrainian authorities have also confirmed that in recent days more than 17 Russian attacks have occurred near Avdiyoka and heavy shelling of this city continues.

In another development, further Western efforts to protect the Ukrainian army against the Russian war machine, the media reported the new military assistance of four European countries to Ukraine to continue the war with the Russian army. The “Defense Express” website wrote that Estonia, Iceland, Germany and Lithuania have given new packages of military aid to The armed forces of Ukraine have delivered.

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