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The Zionists’ fear of Hezbollah caused a false alarm

The Zionist regime’s concern about Hezbollah’s operations in Lebanon caused the warning sirens of air attack and ground invasion to be activated in the north of occupied Palestine.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the reporter of “Al-Jazeera” channel announced on Tuesday morning that the danger alarm was activated in the “Al-Jalil” region and the north of occupied Palestine.

Minutes later, it was reported that the drones of the Provisional Zionist regime attacked targets in the “Yaroun” region located in the south of Lebanon. The army of this regime admitted that this siren was wrong.


It was on Monday that the Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced that a group of Zionist soldiers and a barracks of the Zionist army It has attacked the border lines of Lebanon using appropriate weapons and guided rockets. (more details)

Lebanon’s Islamic resistance, which started from the beginning of aggression The Zionist regime has entered into conflict with the Zionist army in the Gaza Strip, at various points along the border lines. During the past weeks, it has published dozens of video files of its successful attacks on the bases and the Zionist soldiers.

Hezbollah has also recently announced that with the escalation of the Zionist regime’s attacks in the Gaza Strip, it has used “Barkan” missiles against the positions of the Zionist regime’s army in several cases.

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